that gibberish you wrote
on that napkin

if you folded it into a swan
or some other kind of origami

(the process of which
eludes and/or evades me),

then maybe we would get somewhere close

to replicating?



the mysterious grasp
of sentimentality…



(published March 1st)




    1. Reply

      It’s a big topic, isn’t it?
      The thing I love about this song, is that apparently, he really did just write the lyrics on a napkin, just whatever came into his mind to prove a point to someone about writing pop songs. And it ended up being one of his most famous songs, and how people did their heads in trying to figure out what the heck the song was about! 🙂
      And I am also so fascinated about the whole process of sentimentality, this song holds a lot of memories for me as well.

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      1. Reply

        yeah. that’s cool. life isn’t a function machine where you put in X amount of time and get out X amount better product. sometimes the best things happen quickly and with little effort or forethought and sometimes the most carefully planned ones do. and amen- sentimentality has an important job to do. 🙂

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        1. Reply

          Yes, I think the workings of the conscious with the sub conscious can be amazing, it may seem like not much work has gone in, but when things seem to align just the right way, it can stream effortlessly. That all fascinates me.

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