14 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. I don’t seem to get notifications when you post anything so I have been binge reading your blog this morning. So if you see 20 likes it’s because I’m reading your blog like a book! 🙂 It’s really awesome and I love the pictures


      • We had no power for about 5 days. When I logged back into my account there were at least 50 people missing. It was so strange. So I have added them back as I have found them. Then as of yesterday I have 1300 followers when I had 1700 followers last week. Also, on my Facebook account where I post all of my blog posts, they poof are just gone. So maybe I got hacked? Not sure. But I’m glad I found you again and got to catch up on your great blog


        • Hmmm that does sound strange, but then WP also does some idiosyncratic things sometimes. I am glad you did too! Also hoping that you have no more signs that you were hacked, otherwise that might be something you should check out?


          • I changed my password bc i was obviously hacked on my fb but many of my friends were too. WP does have some glitches


                • I do all mine for just friends. I went off of FB for quite a few months and the day after I did, I stumbled on a documentary about such things and they interviewed an English ex spy, she said, “FB is a spy’s wet dream”. She suggested not to use your real birth date and other such details. It’s just way too easy to hack.


                  • That is so true. Criminals boast about their crimes all the time and get busted!
                    I really put myself out there on my blog. I haven’t had enough boundaries up for my own safety. But I am implementing that now. As for facebook my husband hates that I am on it. I have a love hate relationship with it and often just go off of it.

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