a hierarchy…


of solace,

intentions bereft

of the rightful consideration

of Murphy’s Law

a funny thing happened as I was reading by the river…the sunset decided to be amazing so I lifted my phone, got distracted by the changing view, inadvertently hit the reverse camera buttonΒ AND another button I didn’t know activated the camera, all in a matter of seconds. What’s important here is that the end product looks thoughtful.


    1. Oh my gosh, the sunset was really lovely, this photo does not do it justice, and if I stopped being such a clumsy clown with my phone, I would have taken a better one before the colours shifted so quickly. It was pretty hilarious.

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    1. Thank you! πŸ’š
      I was reading Kindra’s book actually, and the sunset was breath taking. And then I goofed the moment with my clown skills!! I was laughing really hard when I saw what I did. I’m so glad I still snapped a decent shot. Sigh.


  1. This is so awesome! You can see the sunset in your glasses. I LOVE it. And the sunset. My favorite. Love sunsets so much. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you so much! I am so glad you like it. I love photography. And I’m so glad you noticed the reflection in the glass…it was so funny how that photo even came about in the first place, and I love that it’s instantly connected visually with what I was actually trying to do hahaha
      Thank you for visiting!

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      1. I love photography too! I hope to get a camera one day and not just use the ipad but for now this will do. And it is easy to upload. I just photograph to document my mindful moments.
        Your picture was just gorgeous. And I love moments like that when you dont mean to do something yet it happens anyway

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        1. my husband has an iPad too, we both love it, it is so convenient and the quality is amazing, isn’t it?
          And thank you so much. We are blessed with a lot of wonderful sunsets here. People tell me the sunrises are great too, but I am not a morning person πŸ™‚


      1. My pleasure, Vanessa. Yes, looks like. I’ve found you have to be careful with emojis after a pink-iced donut/chocolate-iced donut debacle (the emojis, no actual donut debacles). They can be rendered differently on different apps and systems. I might move to monkeys when I tire of cats. 🐡

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        1. haha that’s funny…I was going to use the pink donut, just because we had been to the local field days the day before and the air was filled with spring carnival…then I did actually think better of it for those reasons. You have confirmed my suspicions lol. Thank you!

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