tonight, while 5 year old niece performs surgery…

on her owl backpack,

“Doctor Vanessa,

she does have blood in her wing

so she’ll be fine.

But there’s no milk

or strawberries

or blue berries.

Or furpleberries…”

“But she’s allergic to furpleberries” I remind her.

“Oh yeah, don’t give her furpleberries”.

Serious silence sinews our thoughts together.


“Dr Vanessa,

I took off her heart

so she won’t be sick anymore.”


“Why, Dr Bailee,

you’re a genius…”


After contemplating the important work we’ve accomplished,

eight year old niece decides we need a song. Her currently favourite song.

(If you are so inclined, please sing and dance with us):



(featured image artwork by Dr Bailee)



36 thoughts on “tonight, while 5 year old niece performs surgery…

    1. saynotoclowns says:

      Aww, I’m glad. I still picture her serious expression and that little purple backpack, it was so cute. Plus, she has a mischievous sense of humour, she’s hilarious. But this time she was being pretty serious when she mentioned the heart thing. ❀


  1. Davy D says:

    Love the writing and the song Vanessa. For some reason this brought back memories of my daughter and the hours we spent watching the Wiggles when she was a child. She’s nearly 19 now but we still sing about Dorothy the Dinosaur. Are they still around?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. saynotoclowns says:

      I’m so glad if it brought back such precious memories.
      And yes, they are still around! And now one of them is a woman. But I am not up on the latest. I think she may be pregnant with a Wiggle baby, but that could just be showbiz talk lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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