with basil’s mum

basil is no clown

I had the pleasure of spending some rare time with an old friend a few days ago.

The mother of Basil (RIP) actually.

Sometimes things do come together to create the perfect non storm of connection.

We sat swinging our legs from her wonderful, new verandah. The weather was perfect. Could have been scripted. We were transported on our own friendship stage (cf video).

I truly love those precious moments of a collective soul sigh. Thank God for old friends. Old Nick Cave loving friends.

And then I remembered I had written about friendship before so I won’t go on again.
(And if I do say so myself, I don’t need to. I think that old post, bursting with profundity, says it all… I could be kidding, wink…)



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    Enjoyed this post and the earlier one, Vanessa. ⭐️ Friendship is a marvelous gift. Mind you I was a bit disappointed with the line in the other post about not correcting you. I love correcting people, even strangers in the street, even when I’m wrong (which I usually am). Mmm maybe that explains why I don’t actually have any friends. 😂 (I also laugh at my own jokes.)

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    Big fan of Nick Cave. Somehow managed to get invited to his birthday party many years ago, here in London. Think I just wished him a happy birthday. What do you say to Nick Cave?

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    I’ve come back to have a ook at your place. I’m sure I was following you, but you seem to have dropped off. How does that happen without my consent?! So I’m hooking you back in now …

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      That’s happened to me a lot, I have noticed. A few people I know I follow have disappeared from my reader, and vice versa.
      I’ve just been messing around with my blog as a few WP glitches are doing my head in! 😁

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