harmonies pierce
with an arching linger

from those past knowings
we haven’t spent

forming familiar sounds,


on to hushed hearts
in aching newness,

hands clasped while treading,
paths parallel but converging,

as deep translates
the haunting of melody




    1. Don’t they? Ugh, I’m probably repetitive, but gosh darn, can’t get them out of my head. There’s something about Iceland that produces plain musical awesomeness. The emotions they capture, you can imagine the scenery…

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  1. It is wonderful Vanessa how songs, not only carry their own words and rhythms, but carry our emotions and pictures of times gone by. You have captured this in your poem.

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        1. Thanks for that.
          I agree. I think it’s a gorgeous song, but it’s sung perfectly too. It’s kind of an artistic tragedy when you have the right song but it’s not expressed rightly, or, I guess, in the way I would like it hahaha

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            1. Still thinking on that. More upbeat…but there are different things going around. You know, when I first started blogging, I really had no idea what was going to happen. but I have definitely found it hard to have a poem without music.


  2. Beautiful song! Iceland? I am going to Iceland this summer… need to dig deeper into your back catalog and get more suggestions! These lines::
    hands clasped while treading
    paths parallel but converging
    as deep translates
    the haunting of melody

    I love everything about them.

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