outstretched heart

I catch the evening as it floats in,

on peppered bird song

and the undulating breeze, salted-


these tiny sepulchres

vibrating with lament,


precious, sacrosanct lyrics of being

funeralled forever

in creation’s sighs



33 thoughts on “with…

  1. this is a wonder- and powerful poem. But it is very painful aswell. A lot of sadness about incomprehension, disregard and hopelessness … I wish there was a line of hope.

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    1. Hi! Thank you for the visit, and your comment!
      Sometimes it’s just about empathy and sharing the grief of something incomprehensible. Grief needs expression. I’ve always internalised things, and it’s unhealthy. I’m working to change that.
      And grieving in community is important.
      I certainly do have hope. So many extraordinary and wonderful things can happen in terrible times. Like connecting with others πŸ˜‰

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    1. I had to tell you what happened just now…I read your comment and said out loud, “Awww, thanks Chuck, that’s so kind!” And my husband walked past and said, “Chuck Norris? Does he read poetry? Does he follow your blog?”


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