Dismember the 5th, 1971

flow and ebb

lyrics’ webb

unseen scales

empty trails

of light unburst

municipal thirst

for meaningful muse

the clowns left clues


the wrong grave’s exhumed


lazy thinking


I’m not down for this up

inflatable cup

no thanks.


You can’t hear

what I’m not saying

unplug your ears

of all your preying

then light the fuse

follow the clues

or not.


Short sentences

are my drop,


they’re not wafting

to your heights…





Inspired by one of my favourite, satirical sites, Scarfolk Council, from their Facebook page, where every Friday is Friday the 13th.

This was, clearly, a very uncharacteristic (cough) stream of thought…but I had been in the sun for a bit…


  1. Reply

    Very enjoyable, a kind of spoken modern jazz feel, lots of apparent contradictions, and a take-it-or-leave-it message. I don’t know what happened to the zombie, mind you, but coool. 😎

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    1. Reply

      Hey Steve! Thank you. I’m not sure exactly what happened…I got out my brand new trusty note book after I laughed my head off at this calendar, started writing, realised that I was getting madder and sadder as I wrote (thinking about the latest Hollywood scandal) and it kind of all blended into this…
      I’m really glad you liked it. It kind of encapsulates my generally bewildered state, although not surprised either, if you know what I mean?

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        1. Reply

          Indeed! Never have been able to relate to the obsession of Hollywood, nor the White House’s ongoing obsession with it…that’s a whole other long conversation, though, right?
          Thanks, always, for your support! ♦

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            1. Reply

              The power in Hollywood has always baffled and disgusted me quite frankly. And the White house’s connection. It’s true, I am so very sad I am not surprised by this, but awfully glad it’s come to light, of course.

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        1. Reply

          Gah! that means so much! and I just read your about page post…holy moly, I struggle with that thing, but I so love reading other people’s which is why I forced myself to do one. I love what you wrote!! I was going to rewrite mine but i’m just too lazy haha ❀ oh that cat lady video is hilarious!!!!

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            1. Reply

              Awww thank you. I don’t deserve it from your darn amazing self!!!! Ugh, I have to go, but I do want to email you…a couple things in your book that broke my heart. Hope you’re doing okay ❀

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    Where do we start with this Vanessa. It is like Spike Milligan on various substances. I really enjoyed it and could you explain what Sun is? πŸ™‚

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    1. Reply

      oh my, Spike Milligan! It’s been years!!
      And when I say ‘sun’ I mean ‘sun’…haha it was the first really warm day in awhile and I scribbled this as we picnicked by the river on Sunday, you know, after a glass of wine…

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      1. Reply

        Now wine I know Vanessa πŸ™‚ We are about to experience the tail end of a hurricane here in the UK and the sun has gone a funny colour. Almost merlot like.

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          1. Reply

            It is more an orangy red type Merlot Vanessa, but there is a strange calm that has descended.


            1. Reply

              hmmmmm I remember when we lived in the States, and the awful calm before a tornado went through, as well as the sometimes very eerie green light in the atmosphere…shudder.
              Can you take a photo? Could be an interesting post?

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