loathsome logarithms



night’s limping kernel

of quiet, stabbed psyche’s cry

drowned by deaf’ning page





26 thoughts on “loathsome logarithms

    1. Awwww thank you.
      A string of thought after opening my web browser and seeing the manipulated, sensationalised, marketing garbage that came up on my news feed…following the trail down the human psyche…


      1. Well,haha…you are absolutely right. But as it helps wether you not the world to get depressed AND as you are such a bright and talented writer, you might have a good and satisfying job to do,which gives you the Privileg to change a little corner of theworld!


          1. sorry for this, well I think I have to get this fixed. But I have really a lack of understanding how these accounts work. First I wanted to make two blogs.One for my personal stuff and one more for my art stuff…everything got mixed up..I chose different emailaccounts, but with goole and avatar everything got mixed up. I think I have to delete my whole blog and start again…I just was afraid to delete, because Iยดm not sure, how I can stay connectet to my followed sites and if I can save some posts of my blog….


  1. I love this song!!! Of course.
    It says the spark is gone, things aren’t like they were, but doesn’t say how things get resolved. Is it fixed? Is it permanently broken?
    And your words are to me about how the page, what we read or what we write, can make us feel much better or much worse, depending. Again, we don’t know.

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    1. My initial thinking was simply when I took notice of my newsfeed late last night…and because of some other things…the page, literally, seemed deafening, when I needed quiet.

      “it used to take one, now it takes four”… everything relative to this part of humanity…
      yes, how is it resolved, is it permanently broken, etc?

      Then a friend who’s on FB, reminded me of a chat on there from years ago, and one of his friends quoted this from Henry Miller, ‘We do not talk-we bludgeon one another with facts and theories gleaned from cursory readings of newpapers, magazines, and digests’.

      Us and relationships too…the bludgeoning that goes on with just cursory understandings. And there are so many reasons for all of that…

      Thanks for your comment…I think it’s about all of this, and how it’s quite overwhelming where we have gotten ourselves…


  2. Another excellent thought provoking haiku Vanessa. It is the same in the UK with the news a constant barrage of misery and stories of human dysfunction. Maybe we should hijack the airwaves and just read poetry to the world ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thanks so much Davy.
      I was actually really upset that I see nothing about Syria for example, but instead, something about some celebrity’s costume malfunction, etc…it’s not even based on my preferences, it’s just, Ugh, rammed down our throats. Like I said to Ward, I kind of flew into a haiku rage ๐Ÿ™‚

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