green and the blue and the black


This was the photo I posted today for the Facebook photo challenge. Β I was listening to this album at the time, and this song played as I snapped the photo. It’s divine to drive to, so I thought I’d share it. It’s also divine not to drive to.


22 thoughts on “green and the blue and the black

        1. I’m not too bad, thanks. It’s been a terrible flu season here, I haven’t had it bad like this for years, finally getting on top of it I think. Ugh, I’m spending a couple long days in meetings for my church body and I think I’m too mischievous for it…I mean, the first one I went to, I asked them how they got through it without wine haha. We might go out for a beer afterwards. Lovely people.
          How are you? Things improving?

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            1. I’m glad to hear that!
              Haha I guess it would be early morning for you, you crazy american. I missed you too. I’ve always appreciated your support. But I had to cut down on my screen time. 😞
              I avoid early mornings as much as possible. 😁 Except the next couple of days unfortunately.

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            1. Thanks.
              It does. Worst season in Australia for a long time . 500 people died. They said on the news they’re investigating a cheap flu shot that could be to blame Oooooo but that’s all I’ll say. Don’t want to start a riot 😱 lol.
              Take care of yourself Dennis


      1. I can imagine this. Driving and listening to music can make you feel like someone, who need no more care about anything sometimes. You just can forget yourself for some time.

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