She loved this dream.

Well, not at first.

First there was terror, terror as the engine stalled. Right above the middle of the ocean. And there were loved ones on board, asleep and unaware of the rolling waves. Waves voluminous with the sinister of the blackest galaxies…

Waking with the resolutionary tearing of fabric, she froze herself in the dive, the dive into the two dimensional whirlpool. The whirlpool of her own pencilled colours, symphoning themselves into place.

The green and the blue.


(I’m posting this song again, because I love it, and my brain seems to like how it messes with it)

33 thoughts on “She loved this dream.

  1. This is beautiful. How can you love a dream that you did not have to work and fight for? Dreams are adventures. Life should be an adventure! Anything that just falls into your lap without growing is worth less. I also like the song very well. Pen on paper seems to fit. Yes, it takes a lot of ease to write a letter and send it off as well.

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  2. How nice that my comment was interessting. This was just, what I understood from reading your post. Everybody is the artist of his own fortune. She did not love at first, because it was unconfortable, dangerous…but then she loved this dream. Your writing is gorgeous….there is a lot of space for Thoughts, and I also love your songs you are choosing for your poetry….this is a good concept!

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