how beautiful…



this sunburn on her shoulders,

this sunburning up

of her psyche’s paraphernalia

while she,

she wades

in unburnt crystal waters,

her hands skimming along the tops

of ocean bred flowers,


inhaling the forgetting

of the sound of cockatoos.


25 thoughts on “how beautiful…

  1. A dark, sad song of a boy abusive to the girl, but she still loves him. And then your poetry not black at all…first…but who whants to forget this terrible sound of cockatoos? Him or her?….This gives a lot to ponder in combination with the song!

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  2. Love your poem and the song. A very sad song. I’ve read/listened to both several times. Working out the lyrics; I can see it as maybe he’s already dead and she’s mourning his death, or it’s the more evident cruel break up thing. Either way, I like how the poem lends peacefulness and freedom in letting go.

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    1. Thank you so much!
      I’ve always loved this song, everything about it. The imagery’s amazing.
      I was literally at the beach bedazzled by the light and perfection of the day, and later when I felt like listening to the Cure, this song popped up. I wanted to share it but decided to write something as well, and it all just came together.
      Thank you for your kind comment ๐Ÿ™‚

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    2. well I read in the lest two sentence the opposit:
      “inhaling the forgetting

      of the sound of cockatoos.”….he is forgetting the horrible sounds of cockatoos…so he turns to her!


            1. no Iยดm not, as I said….promised….I think I know my strengths and weaknesses…and languages and interpretation of poetry was already a disaster in school…; )…but it is funny anyway!

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            1. I loved that all the words were in the cassette sleeve and could take it all with me…so long ago, yikes.
              Honestly, I’m trying to remember the first song that grabbed me, I loved all the singles, but after the first listen, my favourite was the kiss I believe

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