the detective 2: diegetic mozart

If you’re not reading this series Steve’s started, well, you should. Imho, of course. He’s brilliant. And hilarious. ❤

inconstant light


A detective, his client, the mystery of what lies beyond the quotidian sea, and a marginally relevant precedent.

The sunlight hurts my eyes,
I’m unaccustomed to the lack of walls,
and I miss the certainties
my office prison offered me.

My client gives me glasses, dark,
and thoughtfully plasters zinc cream
on my nose,
but the world is not as I expected.

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    1. Those things are all to protect you from the sun, which is a lovely bit of humour considering this is an apocalyptic science fiction piece and their whole city has been destroyed! 🙂
      Have you read the whole thing?


      1. Now I read the whole. It’s great, very bizarre, at least the German translation..😁but I enjoyed a lot. Thanks for your explanation….so o.k. It was Prophylaxe…😊I did not know that Zink is good to protect against sun…I know this zinkcreme for red sore skin.

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