the detective 2: diegetic mozart

If you’re not reading this series Steve’s started, well, you should. Imho, of course. He’s brilliant. And hilarious. ❤

inconstant light


A detective, his client, the mystery of what lies beyond the quotidian sea, and a marginally relevant precedent.

The sunlight hurts my eyes,
I’m unaccustomed to the lack of walls,
and I miss the certainties
my office prison offered me.

My client gives me glasses, dark,
and thoughtfully plasters zinc cream
on my nose,
but the world is not as I expected.

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  1. Reply

    sorry I´m getting lazy,
    The glasses, plasters zinc cream
    on his nose. He got hurt or is it camouflage?


    1. Reply

      Those things are all to protect you from the sun, which is a lovely bit of humour considering this is an apocalyptic science fiction piece and their whole city has been destroyed! 🙂
      Have you read the whole thing?


      1. Reply

        Now I read the whole. It’s great, very bizarre, at least the German translation..😁but I enjoyed a lot. Thanks for your explanation….so o.k. It was Prophylaxe…😊I did not know that Zink is good to protect against sun…I know this zinkcreme for red sore skin.

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