meditation (revisited)

There, in the eye,

Love’s figure, fissured

by colours cryptic, satiating,

whispered Wisdom – the Calm under millennia,

reaching out, with a tenderness that can’t be borne,

the Loving Gaze through blood stained windows,

the Gentle peeling of inside tattoos

(tendrilling mercilessly around throats),

that He incises

into His heart





    1. Reply

      Thanks Gina! I am so glad you said that, I wanted to try to lead to that in some small way, the depth and wholeness of Shalom, I almost used that word and then didn’t.
      I’m glad if it helped in any way ❤

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  1. Reply

    This is wonderful and beautiful poetry Vanessa. I agree with Gina, there was a lovely peace after reading this and there is so much between the lines. It made me think of humanity and how we need to work to help others with their pain.

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