1000 sundowns

Thanks to Mr Ward Clever doing a post on the  saddest song, and consequently doing my head in as I tried to think of just one(!)…I thought of Emma Louise. This song isn’t necessarily the saddest, but the way she performs all of her work, is so moving.

I found this live performance where she briefly explains the story behind this song. Plus, I personally think this performance is exquisite. So I thought I would share it. Because, why cry alone? *unambiguous smiley face emoji*


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    Awwww…. and yes, it’s very sad. And thank you for your mention of me, or in the case of Drowned, your Minchin of me.

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      Haha did you think long and hard over that, or it came naturally?Thank you for reminding me of this song. Or in the case of this song, thanks for reminding me of it. Lol. (I need caffeine for puns).

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          So it’s natural? I wondered haha
          I used to think that of myself, but have come to discover how much caffeine made some parts of my personality lol. Now that I’ve had to go decaf, it’s alarming to meet myself (oh, and I never exaggerate :))

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