maybe 999


A picture’s worth a thousand words,


but I’m pretty sure that’s an exaggeration

in this case,


depending on your proclivities

and how you deconstruct images,


but when I look at this photo I took today,

I admire the roses


which have struggled against all odds,

eg, the many odd ways I have neglected them,

oh jiminy crickets, roses, I am so sorry!

(Thank you to my husband for rescuing them

and how tidy does my desk look?)

Wow. But,Β note to self,


don’t open the drawers.

For the love of God


The moral of this story is that

well, there isn’t one, however,

in a quiet corner,


a small, black object sits,

object of scorn and derision.

I look at



my computer mouse.

My expensive, non working

computer mouse.

Yes, that’s right mouse.

You cower, like the coward you are,


But you also managed

to end up in an ironically, prominent


Just like the narcissist you are.



Now you will tell everyone

it’s all my fault,







  1. oh what an interesting story … about pictures and what they should testify or say … but how they lie in reality and how you now have the courage to tell the truth. A truth that makes you vulnerable. Giving personal information to the public is dangerous in image and word. Yes, you are right it can be dangerous if someone is interested and someone wants something bad. But I think you put in enough twists in your story. You are clever, and so even the truth will be not the truth!
    Personally, I am somewhat naive about this. I am like I am, and who does not like this can look away … and who should want to harm me?
    You changed your photo…I can not recognize you anymore…. : (


    1. This was simply a silly distraction from some stresses on my mind lately. And yes, a lot of assumptions are made from snapshots. Social media has certainly exacerbated that too.

      Thank you for your compliment.

      Have you had a bad experience, that part of your comment is inspired by fear? Do you have a blog? You mentioned something a while ago about having trouble combining a couple blogs?

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      1. Yes I have a blog, but IΒ΄m still have to organise myself better, because there is nerver time lest (yes and I made a new one, but IΒ΄m still commenting with the identity of the old one, because I get all the messages to the email of the old one….the new one I had to deal with another Emailadress, but there I have not my sites which I follow).

        No I did not make bad experiences. But IΒ΄m normally not talking about private stuff in publicity. Not because of fear, but because my private things are just for me and nobody else. On the other hand I have no problem to tell the publicity what I really think, even if they will not like it. No fear, but just recognizing that it can be dangerous for some people!


  2. Vanessa is 999 the same emergency number in Australia as in the UK? This was a great read although I have noticed you have tidied the crime scene for the photo. Some would say the act of a guilty mind. Although the evidence would leave a lot of DOUBT in the minds of a Jury.

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    1. Davy, now that puts an interesting twist on things…but no, it’s 000 here.
      Haha and yes, the crime scene was tidied because I was expecting a visit from a friend…brings the word count up πŸ™‚
      And thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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