Center of Night


Kindra M. Austin


I remember everything, a curse in

center of night,

when cat stares through me, and

clock tick-tocks

witching hour is nigh

I wait cos I remember every scene

unseen with eyes mine, a curse in

center of night

I miss you most

(image: Pinterest)

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  1. Reply

    Very atmospheric, calls up those shapeless dreads. Fortunately it’s morning. Reminded me of an old song, I had to play it of course–Season of the Witch, Bloomfield/Kooper/Stills and others. And me when I was 50% of a duo. Too many memories. I like your thoughtful avatar by the way.

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      1. Reply

        V welcome, Vanessa. I was no musician, believe me. I started off folk, then played in various rock bands: dances, clubs and pubs, and let us speak no more of that. 😸

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          1. Reply

            Haha. No bad memories, just unsuccessfully trying to be funny, sorry. I did all the normal things that a normal electric guitar player would do. My goodness, is that the time? 😜


            1. Reply

              Not unsuccessful…I laughed pretty hard with that long list…it’s often my lame jokes that mess everything up.

              haha nice try Mr Simpson…but hey, I won’t pressure you if you really don’t want to talk about it πŸ™‚

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          1. Reply

            Yes. Sometimes trying to see the bigger picture before it’s all revealed in good time only holds one back from truly living. ❀

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