a breath

the ache in the space

underneath notes of healing

before their gentle fall

onto lifetimes

of history’s crawl


sounds of heaven

drilling holes

in coffin ceiling…



our complex, war torn world. such a controversial event. such a lovely moment…


      1. Thanks for that screech to a halt so we may enjoy God’s beauty. Yes! That same piece, ‘Spiegel im Spiegel’ is one I selected to listen to while I was in labor with my second baby. I listen to it often, but that was the most memorable.

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  1. i read this as a tender poem about the tragedy of history, so much repeats itself yet we never learn to do it better or get it right, I read this, this morning on the equator and think of all the mistakes i keep repeating and yet today even after a hard lesson in the past am going to make the same mistake again. but i feel helpless to resist as my heart always forgives. that might be the real tragedy after all. you words always evoke a compendium of feelings Vanessa.

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    1. Gina, I love your comment, thank you.
      Yes, I wanted to allude to the complexity and density of history, getting up to that particular point in time.
      Your dilemma, I’ve been pondering it a lot this year. I’ve had a couple friendships necessarily end. It’s so hard.


      1. I love reading your thoughts. they echo intense understanding of what’s beneath the surface. I had to let go of some special friendships this year. its taken a huge toll on my soul. I empathise with you and wish the world could be gentler on us.


        1. Oh wow Gina! You’ve said it perfectly…it takes a huge toll on our souls. But we have to trust that it’s likely the best for all involved, there’s no necessary growth, otherwise.
          I did hear from a friend, completely out of the blue, apologising for something that happened a few years ago. His insight and sorrow was so moving. And so unexpected. It was a relief for both of us! Yes, don’t lose hope ❤

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          1. I am so glad to hear about that mended relationship Vanessa. I think I forgive too easily because I never hold grudges as my memory is too short! And I never want to think I have intentionally hurt someone, but we are all human and sometimes get hurt when there’s none intended. But you are so right and such a wonderful statement, necessary growth, this is vital to continue even with old and strong friendships. thank you for the lovely thoughts and words!

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            1. And this was a situation I had forgotten about, too. I felt so sad that he was agonising over it, but so relieved he finally brought it up to me so we could put it to rest.
              Thank you, as always, for your thoughtful comments. ❤

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    1. Thank you so much! I am honoured you think so.
      Yes, I understand…it seems there is so much to make us truly ache. And the media complicates things, too…
      We are truly privy to so much information now, not all of it accurate. One of the very first posts I did, actually, was about how it seems the whole world suffers from PTSD. It’s a big topic, isn’t it, I mean, the different ways we all handle it?

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      1. Yes…a very big topic. Some, as you say, suffer PTSD symptoms, others are inured or desensitized to it—I’m not sure which is worse. There’s bound to be some inaccuracies, but part of me wonders: are we seeing more because there are so many ways to get coverage of it (news, internet sites, YouTube videos, etc.), and the problems have always been this big, or is there a certain percentage being committed because they know they’ll get that coverage. We are such strange creatures, aren’t we?

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        1. I have the same thoughts, about both of those points.
          My heart really breaks when I see the desensitising in some of my loved ones, too.
          I am inclined to think that the problems have always been this big…some analysts even say that despite everything, conditions currently are still better than for most of history…but it does seem that there is easier access now for mass destruction, whether through weaponry, or pollution, or just general corruption on much greater scales. Sigh. Love the beauty on WP. Quite the balm imho 🙂

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