agapanthus globe


Inverted in space,

suspended in the north

with a southerly persuasion,

my heart grown in two,



Bejewelled moments

I want to break off to keep,

but my weeping hands

sift the fractures in wrong places.


I hold on instead –

ached to this perfect petal,

floated away on familiar

rivered Breeze.



originally posted 30th Jan, 2017, image from Pixabay


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    oh Vanessa you make me smile and weep at the same time, I can’t decide which word, or verse or line is the one that makes my heart ache the most, I feel such longing in your words

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  2. Reply

    Lovely poetry Vanessa. One of my favourite flowers and your words will bring a different meaning the next time I see one.

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  3. Reply

    I wentto comment and pressed the unfollow button. They are way too close together on the reader!!! So i juts followed you again if you wonder why. Anyway…this is beautiful . Hoping my comment goes through. If so I will keep on!

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