interminable iota


I admit. I am rather happy to see this year end. It just seemed appropriate to repost this (from the 17th of Dec, last year).


that pause of minutest minutes

between the un and the furl.

the joyous window unwinding

that threatens the re and the curl.

the risk of the lean

into the breeze,

minute puts out its smoke

and falls to its knees.

it’s time to go sailing


16 thoughts on “interminable iota

    1. Yes! 🙂 It’s contextual, and sometimes it’s both. It’s a big topic really, isn’t it? This was about a particular anxiety I’d had for a while, and the processes you go through to overcome it, and finally getting so frustrated with the way it pauses or stops the unfurling! It took a lot of cognitive re paving! As it does 🙂

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  1. Vanessa, sending some thoughts to end your year and hope 2018 brings brighter times. Thank you for your words and poetry during the past year which never fail to move some grey matter or bring a smile. Thank you also for all the support you have given me with my writing. Have a blessed and peaceful Christmas.

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    1. Hi. Thanks for the visit, and comment.
      And that is always the hope. But sometimes they don’t. Life is about pain, because it’s filled with humans! And often the blessings are hidden in the hard times, I remind myself 🙂
      Merry Christmas to you too!

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