“I don’t want to

give you any of it. None of it. Don’t even bother asking”, was the un-pep talk she gave her reflection every morning.

And the good Lord knew that her mirror needed some un-pepping.

It was greedy for power. And it had to stop.

She wallpapered over it. With the lyrics of songs, scriptures, books, poems. Her favourite people. Her favourite letters.

She stood back to gaze at her soul mirror. While eating her favourite ice cream.



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    This excellent piece runs very deep Vanessa. I suppose as writers we always struggle with ego and how much we should give away and reveal. So sometimes it is just better to forget it and eat ice cream 🙂 (as long as it is double chocolate chip)

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      Davy, thank you so much!
      That is so true. The struggle is real! 😉
      And the emphasis that is given to cultivating our physical appearance, instead of our soulfulness, can be overwhelming.

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          Really? You are welcome. I look forward to seeing it!
          Besides, I truly believe that beauty does come from the inside. The older we get, the easier it is to see that on people’s faces I believe.
          But I have been doing some serious spiritual reflection too. How easy to see the pain and regret in the mirror, and all the things we hate, that so easily have power over us. And then I remember what I believe in, Who I believe in and, Who has absorbed it all. And the peace and perspective that comes. Makes that ice cream I “shouldn’t” be eating, taste so much better haha

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            I am pleased that you got back to your core Vanessa and found some peace. I also think there is a societal and cultural layer attached to this. We are bombarded with views of how we should look, think, and many of them filters from a materialistic perspective. It is a battle not to get caught up in it, but I think as we get older we get wiser to the tricks and traps and get back to the essence of who we really are.

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              Yes, I meant it firstly as that cultural and societal layer. The personal part came to my mind’s surface as I wrote it. I wrote it exactly with what you wrote in mind.
              I think that is what I love the most about aging, is a healthier perspective on all of that.
              Thanks Davy!

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