1. I have the same weakness and for dessert….lava cake in particular or anything caramel. see I can’t even make up my mind on these temptations! lovely start to my weekend, thank you for the sweet post Vanessa.

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  2. I have this list of words (quite long) that I love to say out loud. I would have to tell you that “pernicious” and “tenacious” appear on the list! Along with many “s” words like “sanguine” “salacious” etc
    But I digress.
    This is a super write, because it’s stopped dead in it’s tracks by chocolate. This mimics my life haha!

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          1. As if by chance, I’m typing this with my baby finger having just munched on a smoked chicken leg. At 9.30 at night. Haha. Guess you could say I love to eat too. And tonight anything is fair game lol. I call myself a foodie but sometimes a little glutton tears her head. 😉

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              1. I so appreciate you throwing in a compliment so nonchalantly! That is skill!
                And snyone who can have a late night pizza is a friend of mine- because somewhere in the world it’s actually lunch time 😉

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hi. friendly banter is always welcome.

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