why don’t I get you?

and kneading
this air with my thoughts,

to soften
the impact from fraught-

ed years
of unconversation,
now hurling at speeds

non sensical,
vengeful misdeeds

of mishearing.

I watch
syllables peeling,

Natatorial surprise –
those little ________ can swim
in the blues of my mind…


This song popped up and I love how Anne-Marie covers it. I had to writeΒ something…

41 thoughts on “why don’t I get you?

        1. That is such an interesting comment. In my mind, despair is all about not having hope. I guess that comes first, when you realise that a particular situation is not fixable. Then the grieving can be healthy, recognising something is over or ended or just plain irreconcilable for now. Allowing the grieving and healing, hopefully learning and having hope for the future, while recognizing and honouring that something irreplaceable has been lost and things will not be the same. Depends on the circumstance, of course. πŸ™‚
          I appreciate your thoughts, Anie

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          1. Thank you for your explanation, which is very painful for me, because until now, I never gave up on things I believed in. Of course everything depends on the circumstances and how people interpret situations, have strength and the will to fight. And after all things are not only your choice. I’ll have to let your words work for a while and take me to heart. Thank you for your time.


            1. Anie, I’m not suggesting anyone give up what they believe in. And I am not understanding why this should be so painful for you? Context is everything, as I referenced situations that aren’t fixable.
              And there are times when fighting for something is not the right thing to do. It completely backfires. There are times we need to let go and step back, so that we can keep it in the long run.

              And there’s my inclination to laugh at our human ways, our absurd ways of miscommunicating and hurting each other, putting our own twist on things so we misunderstand, all of the different reasons why we might be bad listeners. The things we let swim around in our thoughts, trying to make sense of them when we should let them go. And sometimes, if you want to talk about what we believe in, sometimes we put our faith in the wrong people and the pain that comes when we are finally aware. But I still end up laughing at my own foolishness when I have done that, and try to ruminate honestly on my role in it. Right or wrong. (Sometimes it might be an angry laugh, though lol.)

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              1. Yes you are right. But it always depends also on how serious a thing is and what value we give the situation. In everyday life, I can laugh a lot about myself, about mistakes can also let go of something that does not seem right. But there are top priorities and when it comes to relationships I can not laugh about my mistakes anymore. Mutual grievances are only due to misunderstandings or extreme dissatisfaction that makes one angry and causes bad reactions. One should let go of these reactions and provocations, but not of your idea and your dreams. And it makes sad, because your statement reminds that you can only speak for yourself and that’s just not enough ….


      1. Very welcome, Vanessa. It is important not to know what you are saying (with a few minor exceptions). Yes, thanks for asking, except I also need sleep. But all the time. πŸ’€ And I gather intuitively from your poetry that you are also well? πŸ˜ƒ

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        1. Thanks Steve…I was referring to my comment and I am consequently really happy that you must find all my comments really important, then!! LOL
          Oh I totally get the sleep thing. I am a horrible sleeper. I really do worship a good night’s sleep. And naps. I even have a t-shirt: “nap team captain”
          haha yes, you are rather intuitive. hmmm I am actually pretty okay, thanks. This song made me ponder and the result is a mish mash of experiences. Plus some poetic embellishments, of course…

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