when I was walking around trying to avoid the mosquitoes and you strummed your guitar to the rhythm of my steps and the syncopated clouds confused you and we said it was the best thing you had ever written?

Got no regrets,
except I wish we had recorded it.

and that I wish you were here with me…


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      hahahaha you reminded me of when we were living in Colorado during the whole Y2K thing…everyone was freaking out about the millennial change, and I was like, don’t worry, I will call my mother in Australia and ask her if she died lol πŸ™‚
      Ugh it is well and truly time for me to hit the hay! Nighty night. And thanks for the visit FFP!! Hope you’re well and having a great new year! ❀

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      Hey, thank you! Late night listen to music and a story popped up, that seems to be how my brain works most of the time! 😁…oh and mosquitoes bothering the heck out of me haha!

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    That cusp between awake and sleeps holds some good poetry Vanessa and you found a bit here. That last line leaves many more verses to be written.

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    Enjoyed the memory, Vanessa. πŸ’š The detail gives it intimacy. BTW, I only know two things about WP, FB, Insta, twit etc. One is that I only know two things and the other is the less I say the better. 😜 Mmm, hope I didn’t use that joke before. It’s one of my favs. πŸ€“

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