something (revisited)

I need a moment,
a moment measured only
in light years,

the oracular thread
through centuries
and non,

encaptured, enraptured
by deepest tones
geographically strata-ed,
through past and present,

eyes so gently gently replaced
with brushes archeologically
bristling with Him,

joyful in newborn

the blind man was healed
and the tenses were spilled

and millennial mysteries unravelled
into new ravelling of me.

and the blind woman was healed




originally posted 26th March, 2017, image from

18 thoughts on “something (revisited)

    1. saynotoclowns says:

      Don’t you think time is fascinating? And it’s malleable and not consistent through the universe…I don’t know if you ever watch “the big bang theory” but Sheldon makes this comment once where he is tired of people thinking that light years are a measurement of time, instead of distance. Doing a lot of international travel, my hubby and I often talk about the strange relationship between time and distance and what it does to you…and what it is like for God to be outside of time etc.
      I’m not sure how to take some of your comment, but I am glad you liked that line. Thanks for saying.

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  1. Singledust says:

    I read Mitch Albom’s Time Keeper, you should read that too, it’s a very quick and easy read. says a lot about how humans have wanted to harness time from time immortal. and the folly of trying to outsmart God. a very thought provoking read and how Father Time came to be. reading your poem had me thinking all last night about how time heals for somethings and yet emphasises more pain in others. always love stopping by your posts Vanessa.

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    1. saynotoclowns says:

      HI Gina! Thank you for your interesting thoughts! And the recommendation.
      I told another blogger how much I love that quote (I can’t remember where I read it) “time heals all wounds. time wounds all heals”.
      My husband, with his scientific brain, really loved reading Brian Greene’s “elegant universe” when that came out which prompted us to discuss a few of these things…he ponders the scripture of God existing in “unapproachable light” and how that relates to theories around the speed of light etc…and what an insanely cosmic event it was that Christ came into our dimension. Of course, not everyone agrees. I respect that. And I need caffeine. haha It’s all so fascinating.
      I have been on sites where a few atheists were even discussing their disillusionment with macro evolutionary theory and they are hoping a much better theory will come along. I agreed. I think there are many flaws. But that is a big discussion, right? haha and goodness knows I don’t want to make anyone mad 🙂

      I love you stopping by, too! Thanks so much!


      1. Singledust says:

        too many thoughts and theories out there. I may have what people call blind faith but I believe in what I do because of one man’s great sacrifice for me. You can look for answers for every query in science but stop marveling at the wonder it is. it dilutes our humanity to be so clinical. We need more love, understanding and tolerance not dissection of what is right or wrong. I agree though caffeine can solve a lot of these problems, with some froth and cream please! you have some very valid thoughts, don’t mind how others feel for once Vanessa and stand up for what you believe in!

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        1. saynotoclowns says:

          I have the same faith, Gina. I am happy to be married to someone who agrees with me, that science and archaeology support our beliefs, not shred them. There is a false dichotomy that has been set up in recent times, between science and faith, and some have been very successful in marketing it. And there are some things that humans just can’t answer. But our egos really struggle with that. I see science as a tool to help us understand this incredible universe, but that’s the thing, it is a tool, not something to be worshipped. The data also vulnerable to the interpretation of humans who are so often corrupt. You are absolutely right in that taken too far, people become too clinical, too inhuman, rationalise away love and empathy etc, when, the flipside, and ironically, so many studies show how important those things are and that we thrive in community…
          Thanks for your encouragement…I do defend what I believe, (I just take issue with the way some people do it. On any side of the fence. There is a lot of bludgeoning going on, not so much listening.)
          haha coffee anytime is a wonderful idea, especially with froth and cream. Actually with our weather, the iced kind is my preference!! Cheers! Thanks so much for your time Gina ❤

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          1. Singledust says:

            it is good to have someone who shares the same beliefs in a marriage and believe in each other too, that’s a strength that is so rare. I am fearful of imposing my faith onto others to scare them away but I make it known that this is what I believe when I am given an opportunity to make a difference. Corrupted individuals will tarnish whatever they touch, they are just selfish for their own needs not necessarily the truth. Are you back down under? Sydney has had massive heatwaves with high 40’s. Thank you for your thoughts Vanessa, we need people like you.

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            1. saynotoclowns says:

              Yes, it has helped us through the really hard times when we were so not on the same page with other things.
              I can’t imagine you imposing your faith or opinion on anyone Gina. You’ve always struck me as a generous and gentle spirit. And the world needs more of that, that’s for sure! Conversations, about anything, have a hard time working if there isn’t mutual respect.
              Yes, I’m in Australia. I only visit the US every couple of years to see friends and in laws. Darrin goes every year to see his family. and YES it’s been so hot, will be again over the next few days. But that’s normal where we are. Unfortunately! 😳
              Thanks for your kind words! Always lovely to chat with you

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