resemblance? reassemblance?


I am on Facebook. And a number of things have happened recently where I have really re-pondered social media.

Then a pastor friend posted this video about Facebook, including interviews with a couple of the original players. It was timely. If you find yourself with a spare 15 minutes sometime, I really recommend you watch it. You may have already seen it, and I know a lot of you have the same concerns etc. (Something I have loved about WP, it seems that generally there is a shared spirit amongst users that it doesn’t become toxic like these other platforms. Of course, it does sometimes, but overall, my experience has been wonderful. I hope yours has too.)

(It does have a clickbait title, unfortunately. But it is a very worthwhile video.)

I have thought about ways to be a little more real on here, too..I did record myself reading one of my poems, but I have had trouble uploading it. Not a hard process in theory, and I followed all of the steps, and it is still not working. I will persevere…

In the mean time, I thought I would add a selfie I took today. I really don’t like taking them, so there won’t be more for a while and it is in black and white because, geez, I don’t want to be that real… Plus, I didn’t want to make you jealous, northern hemispherers, by showing off my tan 🤡 Actually, it isn’t a big deal. I hardly wear makeup, after all.

selfie 25Jan18

And now it is really warm outside, and in the spirit of taking my ponderings seriously about screen time, I am signing off for now to go have a drink with my husband. Hopefully catch you soon as I really do love reading and looking at all of your amazing work! Take care WPers. Let’s make a better world…or at least, try.


45 thoughts on “resemblance? reassemblance?

        1. haha no, i am. and yes, about FB. ugh, i’m tired. i thought you were referring to the recording i mentioned. i am way too tired today. i really do spend a lot of time laughing at myself. yeesh.


  1. And you know how I feel about social media.
    I believe we need to embrace our technical advances and utilize them as we do here in WordPress for beautiful artistic creative contributions to a life and all of life.

    And remember quite clearly and distinctly that unless we live life we’ll miss life. ❤️ Lovely post. I hope your husband appreciates you 😉

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  2. Here comes a Diana dopamine hit… how gorgeous are you V! With your personality shining through the screen like that! High five…
    Pretty chilling video though, and honestly it discusses what has become obvious over the years… basically my generation looking at the social media addicted youth and sensing such a dilemma.
    The talk of “exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology” is disturbing. I know I am being exploited but as you say V, perhaps WP is the safest, healthiest platform for us? Here’s hoping we can proceed in a realm of positivity and mutual respect. And good natured fun ! 😊🌷🌷

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    1. ha how clever you are! Dopamine hit indeed…how funny I didn’t even think of that at the time…but you are so generous! High five back, that made me chuckle.
      And yes, yes!! to what you wrote. I’m in my mid forties and I can’t believe how much has changed, but like you said, things that have become obvious and were somewhat foreseeable, but I think it’s important to hear what these particular guys say about it.
      Yes, let’s strive to do our best, and for balance, too, and a big yes to good natured fun!! 🎊🎉🤓

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      1. Oh, we are the same sweet vintage … like a nice Brie that’s been sitting on the counter for a while. Although in my home cheeses don’t stand a chance of sitting in the counter for any length of time haha!
        Of course after I watched the video I minimized my time on WP for 2 days … but the addiction has proved too much and now I’m back playing catch-up on comments. Serves me right, lovely lady! Hope you had a nice 🇦🇺 Australia Day!

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        1. haha no it would not here either!
          Yes, it’s easy to think it’s not an addiction until you try to stay away…of course, it’s complex, there are real people involved I do like to stay in touch with 🙂

          We had a lovely Australia day, thank you! We went for a swim at that nearby lake ha, then had dinner on a riverboat with friends. Gorgeous, balmy night. Can not complain at all.
          Do you celebrate it still? It’s quite political, of course…
          Hope you will have a nice weekend 😊

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          1. Yes I think it becomes more acceptable if we treat WP as a means of keeping in touch with wonderful people! And sharing art in a respectful setting! I honestly think it’s marvellous that way.

            Sadly, do not celebrate Australia Day as simply do not have any close Aussie friends here. They would probably clear off in January anyhoo, as the weather is beyond pissy!
            A riverboat, a balmy night… surely you describe heaven to me right now. I can’t feel my toes at this time of the year… But I’m housesitting and have a nice toasty fire available to warm them later. Happy Weekend beautiful 🌹

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  3. That video wakes you up with a throw of cold water on your face. Pretty interesting.. yeah, WP is the safest.
    We must work toward this, unflinching. We must play Our small part, because, we can make and be the difference…
    Thanks for sharing ….

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      1. True that! I am not too much into social media but still, I will start with further cutting down on the time I dedicated to them.
        And doing our part is also making people aware of this, on which I will start working right away.
        Thank you Vanessa for the post. Take care.

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        1. Yes, making people aware, snapping out of zombie states, a lot to consider… confusing truth with popularity, and what all of the ramifications are, the decline of civil discourse etc. Hefty consequences, important discussions to be had for sure!
          And thank you! You too!

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          1. Yeah there is a lot to discuss and consider. Now, what I feel the social media and the internet have done to mankind is, they are making the evolution run in circle, we are getting back to where we started. The real social interaction is almost nil, we stay inside a cave and do everything on the internet , shopping, entertainment, social interaction, communication, and at times travel too. Even food is ordered online and it comes to your door steps. You work online and the spend online. You don’t actually need to go out. This is funny and scary. We started with living inside the cave and we are getting back there again.
            There a more to it.. as you said we are no better than Zombies…

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            1. There is a lot of fear and anxiety as well, the world is a scary place, apparently, and yet, ironically, the awful news sources that plague us while trapped inside on the internet, fuels these fears with half truths and manipulation etc etc, we wonder who the real enemies are etc, as well as the imaginings of an isolated mind… fear, convenience, scepticism, all kinds of things working, when we really do need and crave authentic community.
              There’s so much at play, isn’t there, we have so much access to world events now, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, and to wonder who on earth can be trusted? It is easy to isolate more, when we need authentic communication and relationship. Then social media has exacerbated that, with bullying etc, and privacy issues, so people are afraid even more to be their authentic selves. It is quite the circular conundrum. WP is definitely so much better for all of that. But I think we need to get back to some basics, to take time to be in the real presence of people, and to even learn how to hold civil conversations again, just for starters…
              (one of the best things about FB I think, was the ‘Humans of New York’ site- the photographer, Brandon, has done so much to humanise people, so interesting!)
              And now I am going to make a cup of tea, tea helps everything! haha
              Thanks for your thoughts, Vikash (is that your name? what should I call you?)


  4. I started watching the video but it was quite long…
    I’m not sure yet what I think of what I saw either, but I’ll come back later.
    I love that your pic is on this. You’re not what I imagined at all…, you’re so damned pretty. x

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  5. oh honey, please give up facebook. i’m begging you. i did it and so can you. i have an account but it is only for practical reasons and it lays dormant until like a family member invites me to a birthday party and shit. FUCK facebook for the most part, seriously. idk. maybe i’m being too dramatic but limiting it has calmed me so much.

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    1. hi!! yes, that is my plan. I was going to give it up completely but i have a dear friend in the States who is currently homeless, long story short, it’s the only way she can stay in touch with me, and I won’t go on about what a tragedy that all is, so I’ll probably do the same, leave it dormant. I’ve been off it before and it was amazing. Instant calming effect.
      There have been some atrocious cases of online bullying here recently too, I don’t want to encourage young people to be on there, and actions speak louder than words, so…
      Thanks for your comment ❤️ (you are not being dramatic, I think we are at a crisis/turning point with this imho)


  6. Great post and share Vanessa (that is a selfie taken by an expert by the way 🙂 ) I think the most telling thing said on the video is using these things as a tool. I have tried some of the other platforms but WordPress is the best for community building. I agree with Gina you are a great advert for wine drinking.

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    1. haha don’t be fooled Davy, it’s my husband who’s the selfie expert, he takes a lot for his family in the US. I really hate taking them. I don’t like being in them, and I think the whole process is tedious. I snapped this and thought, hey that’s not too bad! It’s all about lighting, right? haha and some helpful black and white affects.
      haha why thank you, Davy, how kind! Just to clarify, I don’t drink much anymore…it really is all about quality 😁 oh, and a few rum and cokes sometimes ha!
      Thank you for your comment. Yes, we really need to take some time to rethink these tools we have and what kind of rewiring they are doing to us. Our culture is in a social media pathological state, and it’s worth serious consideration.
      Thank you for your comment! 🌸

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  7. You have an amazing smile, Vanessa! I’ve seen that video, and it drives home how I’ve felt the last few years. I’ve gotten away from using FB and only have an account to keep in touch with family and a few friends, really. I made it so my feed is only the handful I wish to read when I do log on and anyone else I have to visit singly. What I love about WP is that the platform is so broad and expression-based which lends itself to authenticity. It’s not highlight reel of one’s life in a few sentences, a quick photo, or 140 characters. It allows for dialogue and a measure of anonymity if so desired. The addictive qualities are there, for sure, but there’s a balance to be had that is just different, I think. I like it, for the most part. I could go on and on! Thanks for sharing and striking thought and conversation.

    Have a lovely weekend!

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    1. Hi Angela! Thank you for your thoughtful comment (and your very kind compliment!!)
      I agree with you about WordPress. It really has been a lovely surprise. I still ponder it, though, at times, and how it might effect people’s mental/emotional health, and how we can encourage younger people to find that balance as well/what are the most effective ways of doing that? etc.

      And thank you. You too!

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