it begs a poem, doesn’t it?

pin cushion (2)

I was recently at my parents’. 
And I saw this-

a small pin cushion I had made for my mother when I was in high school, when I first learnt some cross stitching.

I can’t believe my mother is now eighty years old, and she is still using it!

Her sense of humour well and truly intact, as that spear of a needle in its right ear, was, initially, right in the middle of her forehead (that innocent bunny’s, not my mother’s).

It is funny about memory, because I had completely forgotten about it, of course, but as soon as I saw it, I remembered how upset I was that I had made a stitching mistake on its left ear. And I had somehow missed a couple of stitches on the other ear.  My sweet mother didn’t want me to fix it, but I remember how utterly crushed I was.

Yesterday I watched a video on a science site about intelligence.
Behold a short conversation I had with my husband this morning:

Me: I watched a video yesterday…blah blah…and it turns out I could be a perfectionist.
Husband: slowly closing refrigerator door…
come to think of it, I can’t describe, accurately, the look on his face…

27 thoughts on “it begs a poem, doesn’t it?

  1. Considering situations in my past I question the term perfectionist causes me to pause.

    There are people who think it’s a good thing, to not accept anything short of perfection. Well, as you my dear friend can imagine, that’s unsettling to me. Lol.

    And there’s the argument that it’s only in what they do that they expect perfection. I’m just thinking that perhaps the desire to do things perfectly is a sign of discomfort with something, a thing along the lines of anxiety. We can email about this if you’d like.

    Lol to your husbands reaction 😉

    Going back to your mother not wanting you to fix it. I find that so sweet, that your imperfections made that the most special thing to her. It made it unique and one of a kind and only V’s. So heart touching. You were/are loved. ❤️

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    1. yes…I agree with you, there are so many layers here that I only really touched on…I was hard on myself when I was little and into my twenties, and looking back I had high expectations of others too, depending who they were of course. With age and (cough) experience, that has definitely changed. But I see how it affected me, the ways I felt overwhelmed because I didn’t think I could achieve perfection on something…this could be a long conversation 🙂 and definitely anxiety related.

      I am so glad you commented on my mother’s reaction, I was actually going to write something about that there, but changed my mind and can’t remember why. Absolutely something I love about her, and passing it on too, our appreciation for quirky, and yes, I have never felt unloved by her. Not ever. Even when I think of some of the things that could have been hurtful, I knew she loved me so I didn’t take them wrongly. I know I am incredibly blessed to have had her/have her as my mother.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment ❤

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  2. This is so lovely. I have an A on my car key chain, made in metalwork at school by my now 23 year old. Her initial too, but given to me anyhow. I love it and have used it since about 2006. Thank you for making me think about all the arty and crafty items I’ve kept from them, just because I was proud. X

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    1. Awww thank you! I appreciate that.
      That’s awesome that you use that on your key chain still! I treasure the very cute things our friend’s kids make and draw for us, it melts me every time.
      You are very welcome, thank you for reading and commenting ❤


  3. I’m forever wanting to get things exactly right, yes, we are our own worst enemies, and I’m always hard on myself, but now heading towards my late 60’s, I don’t seem to be wanting to be so perfect all the time, and definitely more accepting of my failures.

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    1. Are you, Ivor? Always wanting to get things right, I mean?
      Yes, we are definitely our own worst enemies! But over the last decade I have changed a lot with that, I think, But there are still times…hence my husband’s reaction hahaha poor guy…also because has had been trying to tell me for years I was way too hard on myself, and then I see this video and it finally sinks in…I so wish I could have photographed his face! lol
      I am glad if you are more accepting of your failures! 🙂 cheers to that!


      1. Oh I always read your blog a few times a week I just haven’t been able to leave comments lately. Who knows why. WordPress glitch or hacked or something idk but I am here!
        I Hope you are ok

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          1. It let me like some things. And I commented and it worked. Yes I spent a week trying to write comments on blogs and it would just say to retry and then I would but it wouldn’t post. But seems fine now!


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