100 Word Wednesday : I was a dream running down her face

I love Gina’s creativity. What a beautiful post, words and photo.


100ww_w56Image by Matthew Henry

I was a dream that ran down her face, in rivulets. I was washed down by the rain into the drain. I became a dream in a stream. She slumped over her phone, texting. As she cried, I ran faster down her cheeks.

Someone touched her shoulder from behind; I heard a voice speak louder than the dripping raindrops. She turned around and I stopped. I stopped running down her cheeks, I was soaked back up into her heart.

“Sorry I am late. Am I allowed to kiss you here?” the voice speaks. She nods, I feel safe, for now.

Thank you Bikurgurl for hosting 100 Word Wednesday. I have missed writing stories. This is my first after a long time. Visit the link to read more tales.


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      1. Reply

        I feel save for now….and than, if doupt is created again, if he is late again…the emotions starts again. Time to trust? But trust needs a basis!

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      2. Reply

        lovely idea, but sad poetry. Who wants to be a dream like this? To be born to be a nightmare, to be the bad person in the show of life? And still sympathy with the victims and relief when someone comes to rescue? Or has my interpretation now completely past the point?


      1. Reply

        It really is. I’m glad I got to read it and I always enjoy reading different stories packed with heart and visuals. 🙂

        P.S I’m currently following your page.
        If you have free time on your end, stop by and check out some of my poetry. oh! and have a dictionary ready. Anyone who reads my work, I make them think or trip out. hahahaha!!! Trust me. 🙂

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