fugitive (draft two)

photo challenge 12

The water stung her eyes.
Darn it, it must be the black and white. Probably too acidic.

This memory didΒ look good on her wall, but she couldn’t remember why it was there.
She had dived in, of course, to find the details, but the pain in her eyes caught her off guard.
Being two dimensional, also caught her off guard. It shouldn’t have. But it did. She was new at this, after all.

New plan –
to back away from this old plan. To get back, at least, to three dimensions.
It would, surely, all come to her then,
when she caught the now…


My chocolate levels have oscillated today, and with them, the way I feel about this piece. I took it down for a while, then rewrote it a little. So sorry to those of you who read it earlier. But this is definitely a work in progress…more like some doodling…and the character found herself laughing in the mirror a little as time went on…


Featured image: my own


58 thoughts on “fugitive (draft two)

      1. Hi.
        It’s a basin of etherous fluid in which one can dump their memories and dive in the basin to observe their memories from a third-person perspective, mostly intended to study details that one might’ve overlooked.

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        1. Oh I see…that’s rather perfect πŸ™‚

          Sometimes I think photos can be a blessing and a curse, they might trap you in a place and time you would be better off not to be.

          Thank you for reading, and for your comment! πŸ™‚

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  1. very clever and versatile an ingenious answer to the photo!

    Memories of dreams in black and white … I heard there are people who only dream in black and white !!! Painful is her memory, whose detail she can not remember properly. Probably because she never knew the details anyway, because who can already see correctly with only two-dimensional eyes. A new plan seems logical. But we just can suppose and not know, because we speak about her!
    “Dumbledore’s pensieve” is interesting!!! Well it would be a big gift to be able to look through otherΒ΄s eyes!

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      1. why do you think this is ironic?
        I think we do not need to capture. I know people who do not understand why taking pictures, they want to see this moments not through a screen but in real! I can understand this. I loved to capture the growing of my kids. For them to have memories in pictures and I love to make picture to use for my art..but not realy to capture moments.
        And very interesting the question of “now”…now is already gone…; )
        So it does not exist! Hahaha…no I think now can be various of lenght to the past….it depends on what you refer. If the doctor ask you, how are you doing now…itΒ΄s means the last days. If I talk about, that I have now more time, because my kids are older and more independent mean the last 6 ? years….


        1. I think there are many facets to this, and good reasons why we take photos, and I agree, good reasons why we might not want to either.
          But “now” is a curious thing…it is a fugitive and how do we capture it, or remember it? I think it is ironic to try to capture now in a photo, when now can’t really be caught. And that snapshot only provides part of the story as well. As well as the irony of her wanting to get back to the now, with all the dimensions etc to hopefully understand better…
          Or it could be the opposite…maybe it is the only way to capture now…Anyway, I was having some fun pondering all of this πŸ™‚
          (My mother is currently going through old photos and it has been very interesting).

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          1. but, yes, I think the respective now can be well caught in a photo, It is a fraction of a second, which corresponds to my idea of ​​a concrete now. Of course, only part of this now. But in portraits e.g. you already have a lot, because you see the eyes of the people who often speak volumes. Yes and we will return to that now. Return to the present …. 😊…but the good thing is,that we learned in the now and we take lots of things with us to every now….important things like love and hope!

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            1. Yes, that is the point of the pondering really, does a photo capture that fraction when now is always gone.
              Yes, I agree, eyes speak volumes but can then leave lots of questions because of it. πŸ™‚
              I think humans and life are just so complex, we have these ways of trying to bring it into manageable pieces. And like you said in your other comment, there can be a lot of fantasy caught up in the two dimensional remembering!
              I personally love photos! πŸ™‚
              But sometimes I catch myself wondering about the past…all through history people living without having ways of capturing moments, and were they better off for it? I was telling a friend that I had read that photographs actually make our working memory worse, and perhaps they encourage us to only remember one part of a more complex story etc. Anyway, I think it is intriguing. thank you for your comments! πŸ™‚

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              1. I think we should not insist on photos and moments. We have a feeling and a memory for moments in now. We should trust on our feelings even if we know, that they may be not 100% the same than other people who shared this situation. In worse case completely different after long time. But I really fight against being manipulared by anybody telling me how situations have been. I feel the way I feel and I know why I feel like this…I need no proof for this….


  2. I think if I’d have dived in the first time I might have hit my head on that tree Vanessa. What I love about your writing is it always takes me somewhere I never expect. I have read this a few times and it throws something different at me each time. I am now thinking, are memories real or are they inventions of our imaginations. Maybe it’s the photos that are false?

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    1. haha Davy, I would love to see such a spectacular dive…during our flood year, it could have been a possibility!
      I am so glad if you go where you didn’t expect…as for your questions, I wonder the same things πŸ™‚ Maybe it’s a bit of both, depending on context, how long it’s been, what the memory is about etc

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    2. our memory is always a little bit falsified by our imagination and by time. Fotos are not wrong i think. But the most exciting thing is, what are with our memories which are not based on real happenings, but also are clinger a lot on fantasy?

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      1. There are interesting psychological and social theories anie relating to memory and the stories we tell ourselves. Apparently the brain stores the actual memory and then creates a copy which is adapted to what we want it to be. It is linked to our survival instinct.

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        1. haha that is fascinating and so human I think!!
          I think it is also fascinating that we have muscle memory, and that even our cells have memory. I was just writing another haiku on dreams…I read somewhere that dreaming is a pruning process our brains go through every night, and as dreams are symbolic it is more about the emotion that is evoked. So dreaming is about your sub conscious mind bringing buried things to your consciousness so you can decide to “keep” or “discard” it.

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          1. A fascinating subject area Vanessa. There are also some theories with this linked to why we lie as sometimes the brain has actually created the story and the individual believes it to be true. We used to use a technique in the police where we would get someone to recall an incident as they remembered it and then to recall it backwards. From the end back to the start. It makes the brain work in a different way and access more detail. Sometimes it was like they had seen two different events.

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            1. That is really interesting, to say the least! Just the other day my brother shared a memory, and it was the opposite of how i had remembered it!
              It’s probably all related to ego etc 😁
              I’m not sure I could do the backwards thing! lol. that really is fascinating!

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              1. I sometimes use it when I am writing poetry if I have a story-line. It gets deeper into the detail and brings up things you never thought about Vanessa. It is interesting about the ego link.

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                1. That is really admirable Davy. Fantastic idea.
                  And the ego thing, something blurted merely from observation, different contexts eg people trapped in victim mentalities who remember themselves as the victim when in reality they were the ones who inflicted pain etc. Humans do have a tendency to self preservation…oh gosh, i’m sure you could write books on that!

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                  1. There is much research linking Ego to our survival instinct Vanessa. It is interesting to read but I think it would send me over the edge having to write books on it lol. Much better to stick to poetry πŸ™‚

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        2. Yes, I can imagine this…interessting! But knowing that does not help … it’s just as it is … our personal reality that counts for us. That this reality is very relative, is clear even without a book …; ) … and I think I can live with it. I do not need to justify myself, for how I think or feel. Who cares about my feelings and my thoughts, must take it as I tell it.

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  3. I like the surrealism of actually being black and white and in two dimensions, not just going into another world in a picture like we usually do 😜, and all the symbolism related to that. Nice work, Vanessa. πŸ’š

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