no one is around (part one)

“Can we just lie here for a moment? She knows what to do
and it’s so much easier to make out the words if you press
your ear against the stone.”

He hated this place. But she promised it would be the last time.
And it had started to snow. It would hopefully slow the others down.

They needed to leave. He was too scared to look at his watch
and he was struck by how beautiful she looked in this light.
That pink light, reflecting from the tears frozen on her face.

He pulled her gently up from her mother’s grave.


mother they are coming again
they come to shoot what we already lost
mother they are coming again
our silver covered by their rust

father they are coming again
they come to jail the things that i have seen
father they are coming again
burning minds to keep the ruin clean

no one is around

„little girl there’s safer ground
follow the sea and you will find that place
little girl there’s safer ground
come take your years and put them in their hands“



29 thoughts on “no one is around (part one)

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  2. I find this one very powerful, as well. Although my opinion differs a little from Gina’s, the main character for me in this story is the compassion between the man and the woman. You really have a talent for these short pieces, V. This one really tells a powerful story of the relationship between the man and woman, the relationship between the woman and her mother… and does so with just a few words to convey a span of time that is longer than just a moment. Great piece.

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  4. Your story was powerfully touching for me, on a day of visiting my parents grave sites, and my wife’s also,,,, coincidence or karma,,, I’m not sure…. And I loved the song, the lyrics are superb.

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    • I am so humbled to hear that!
      (I am amazed at the “coincidences” on WP all the time. And the loving way of Providence, imho :))

      Yes, I love the song too, everything about it. I’m so glad you like it. Thank you for saying. I read an interview with the writers and the journey of the girl they wanted to capture in the music. I think they did an amazing job.

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