General bewilderment, personal

*Trigger warning: there’s a picture of a clown in this post




I have started cleaning house.
I’m going to be brutal. (No, really…)

Then two days ago I found this.
It belonged to my twin brother.
Why I have it, I cannot answer.
(Mostly due to temporary paralysis, and now I just can’t remember).

But it is,
the stuff of nightmares.
(And italicized, centralised, poetic importance.)

And I swear, I heard some synapses burn out when I saw it. And others that absolutely refused to be created…

(Also, if you can, take a moment to listen to this…
oh my…)



60 thoughts on “mercy

  1. Too late…curiosity got the better of me and my Pandora eyes found the image…. 😫
    In Bellingham, Washington there is a cafe with clown paraphernalia in the bathroom. I kept the light off.
    Finding toilet paper was secondary to not seeing anything at all.
    That song is amazing!
    What passion… he is like a John Legend but with 500% feeling!

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  2. few things bother me but if they do it bothers me in a big way. I am not telling it publicly but that one thing makes me go exactly as you describe, i am really paralysed with unspeakable fear. no matter how cute people say it is the things that make us recoil, they are not cute, they are freaking scary!

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  3. Like your style, Vanessa, πŸ˜ƒ especially those synapses, and the crosses for eyes that mean cartoon death. I understand that if you rest with your mind blank for about 20mins new synaptic connections will form at random, because your brain is worried that you’re not thinking enough. That’s my explanation anyway. 😜

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      • Sorry, my bad ambiguity, I should have said my “explanation” referred to why more connections appear, ie the brain being worried, and anthropomorphizing the brain is worse than wood ducks. It was just a random nerd comment. If your brain is truly still and you’re still awake, I think the new connections might cause visions and so on, like ghostly ducks asking me why I’m typing this nonsense. πŸ€“πŸ€“

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        • haha Steve, I did get what you meant 😊that even when i was paralysed from fear, and still, nothing happened. The paralysis was so great even my brain was prevented from the act of worrying about itself, well, going by your explanation… which is hilarious. Long story short, you don’t need to apologise. It appears the problem is my ambiguity, not yours. Unless, I’m not getting things at all. i’m kind of good at that too πŸ€”πŸ™ƒ


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