six word story (by Alex Lloyd)

“I’ll open up when everybody’s laughing”.

I’ve loved this song, this album, for ages. And I thought I should write a short thank you to everyone who reads and honours me with supportive comments on my blog (one that has no idea about its identity at times, but it’s fun!) and I have so enjoyed connecting with you through it. To steal another line from this song: “I’d go with you on a road to nowhere.”


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    It is always a pleasure to read your writing and posts Vanessa. Staggering down a path is much more fun than walking a straight road πŸ™‚

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      Noooooooo. Get thee behind me evil gravatar, facing the other way, running, or something. But take off the big shoes because I don’t want you tripping on the way out…

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        Why did the clown go to the doctor?
        Said he was feeling a little funny.
        Oooh, ooh, ooh. What’s the fabric clown clothes are made out of?
        Okay. I’ll show myself out. hahaha.

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          haha and the doctor said,
          It is, indeed, a rare condition.

          poly jester?!?! Is that also a petroleum by-product? Oh dear…
          see how you have inspired me…
          *Waving to you as you go

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