If I throw out these words, will you arrange them?

If I scour these flakes off my thoughts, will you x-ray them?

Am I lazy, or just tired? So tired

I want this pain psychosomaticly fired. You’re fired. 

It’s time to find

the coloured pencils again,

and I want those ones

with the erasers on the end.

Is that a thing?

It should be. 


But maybe, instead,

a soft, downy bed,

and catholicons that rhyme,

making perfect the climb

out from cellular breaths,

releasing those deaths

that long to be free.


(Good night ❤)




  1. Reply

    Oh you have done something lovely here👏🏻🌸🌸.
    I see colours and sharpened tips which if turned the wrong way might indeed pierce innocent skin.
    So I bestow upon you a hundred waxy crayons, with much affection 🌷💕💕

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          1. Reply

            Yes hug instructions too. They are “arms wide open, see Diana smile and run toward you and mighty chest bump” lol.
            Oh … you wanted crayon instructions hehe!?

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  2. Reply

    beautiful and versatile to look at Vanessa!
    Inhaling is just as important as exhaling. Yin and yan, good and bad, wife and man.
    Breathe in the love and the peace and what would be if we did not worry but just paint with the colored pencils? I am convinced that most problems exist only in the thoughts anyway …..

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      1. Reply

        yes…: )…I am hard training on this….do we need an eraser or do we just start a new picture?


  3. Reply

    A gorgeous piece, Vanessa, with delightful things, particularly the last stanza. A random cosmic ray struck my brain and made me think of an old song, maybe there’s a connection: Going Back, the Byrds etc. I don’t know why, just an induced feeling. 🐒

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