The Versatile Blogger Award

These two lovely people, who deserve a big congratulations, added me to the party going around, that is otherwise known as ‘the Versatile Blogger Award’.

Thank you so much Basilike Pappa from Silent Hour and
Allane at SPO_OKY.
I’m honoured ❤

(I am not as versatile as you have given me credit for, as I could not get the logo onto my blog. Two copies of it are now floating around in the cyber ether, so just a heads up, in case it appears randomly.)

I think there is a general consensus, well, at least amongst the people who agree with me, that the blogger award thing is quite an enigma. Just where, exactly, are these awards coming from? Will we be receiving something in the mail? What if I don’t want to give my mailing address? Let’s cut to the chase, is it made of chocolate?

But while these important questions remain unanswered, there is this fun part where we get to throw out seven random facts about ourselves. I so enjoyed reading the others so far. And getting to know other blogs I didn’t previously. As my friend erroneous choices and I have pondered previously while messing with the Liebster award, perhaps the award gods know what they are doing. I totally don’t. In case you hadn’t noticed. But I will try to cough up seven things, and they’re meant to be true. Phew, bear with me…

  1. When I was in my last year of primary school, I had an irrational fear that I would die before starting high school. (Maybe wishful thinking?) But seriously, I was utterly convinced.
  2. I am a twin, to a brother. We were three weeks overdue and were full size babies. My mother deserves the freaking ‘woman of 1972’ award. Oh dear Lord, I can’t believe we are that old…
  3. One of my favourite stories that some people might be tired of hearing, is that my middle name was given to me by one of our nieces. When she was only about four, she was so sad I didn’t have a middle name, she told me it should be ‘Flower’. I was mesmerised by her adorable earnestness, so it has stuck, and I am proud to use it.
  4. I know this question is burning on your lips, but no, my brother and I are not especially psychic with each other. The very first time I travelled to the US, when I was 21 (and met my husband) my brother was in a very serious car accident and died on the operating table. He was revived and made a remarkable recovery, quite miraculous which confounded some of the doctors. I was away for two months, and it happened only two weeks in to the trip, so my mother made the remarkable decision not to tell me. I was clueless. I had felt nothing.
  5. I almost choked to death while on a school camp, when I was about eleven years old, I don’t remember exactly. But we were having lunch, I stuffed a big piece of watermelon in my mouth, a friend made me laugh, and the next thing I know, I could not breathe.  It was so tightly wedged I couldn’t make a sound. I went up to one of the teachers and made some gestures – she asked me some questions and when I couldn’t answer, she literally did the Heimlich manoeuvre on me. Take note kids, the Heimlich works. It saves lives. Then I went back and continued my lunch. This was Australia in the early 80s. We were a pretty laid back bunch, even though I was just a tad terrified. I’m not sure I even told my parents. I wonder if they still don’t know…but I go through quite an inner dialogue whenever I eat it…
  6. My husband and I were married in the woods, by a lake, in an outdoor chapel in a sleepy part of Missouri (neither of us are from there, long story) and the whole area loved having the activity for a couple of weeks. I remember the mother of one of my bridesmaids, whose farm we had the reception on, saying to me that nothing interesting happened in those parts normally. A short while later, while on our honeymoon, their property was quarantined by the FBI as a car had been found in the creek on their property with a dead body in the trunk…
  7. I found the logo


And now I think I am meant to mention about 15ish other people but I’m afraid I am not on here enough to know that many, and/or you amazing people have already received this award.

So here’s a shorter list of talented, diverse, thought provoking writers who are so worth checking out if you haven’t already:

M. at art and indolence

Rachel at Fitful Fearful Phantasmal

Kae at Buckets on a barefoot beach

Nitin at Fighting the Dying Light

and dear Ivor



38 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Thank you Vanessa, for adding me to the esteemed list of fellow nominations. I’m not an awards sort of person, but for you I shall answer the questions, and post here in your comment “Flower” box. Seven interesting facts about Ivor.
    1. I’ll be 67 on July 20th, so readers please send chocolates to melt my soul, and big boxes of tissues, I tend to cry a lot.
    2. I’m not really a poet, I started out as an Industrial Chemist, and then changed careers at 28, do an adult plumbing apprenticeship with my father.
    3. I met my wife Carole on a blind date, organised by a mutual friend. And we were a true case of “love at first sight”
    4. We had 7 magnificent years of marriage, before Carole contracted severe MS, which she gracefully endured for the next 30 years.
    5. I suffered a stroke in the year 2000, but luckily, after intensive rehab and lots of hard work I’m reasonably “normal”, and that’s when I started writing poetry, as therapy, both mentally and physically.
    6. Carole and I were married in our home, with the 70 guests all fitting into our lounge/dining area. The reception was held at our local Football Club Social Rooms.
    7. My Great, Great, Grandfather was a deported convict from Glascow, who served 15 years at the infamous Port Arthur penintentiary in Tasmania. After being released, at the age of 43, he married and had 10 children.

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    • hi!! haha thanks so much, i love fireworks!
      After i posted this i thought it looked a little too long, but i found it a lot harder than i thought thinking of anything.
      That’s kind of you for saying, thank you. 🙂
      Hope you’re well?

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  3. Flower is a very beautiful middle name! And a wedding in the woods is perfect for a flower!

    I chocked once on food. I was with company and no one understood what was going on when I started coughing, so I had to punch my own stomach.

    I found the picture of the awesome muscular man very versatile.

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      • Yes, it was terrifying! The worst part was that I was thinking I’m dying with people around me and no one is doing anything about it. I don’t know if it was actual coughing or more of a ‘something is stuck in my throat’ sound. Terrible thing.

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          • Not much. When it happened, I was with big company at a taverna. There was music and people were speaking, and I was sitting at the far end of the table, that’s why they didn’t see what was wrong with me. When I started ‘coughing’ someone offered me water. Very polite but not what I needed, and I couldn’t speak to tell them what I needed. So, after successfully punching myself, I only explained to the two or three people sitting close to me. They were appalled and apologized for not understanding what was wrong. And that was the end of it. I kept eating afterwards!

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    • Hi! Ugh, it seems like too long since I caught up with you. Too much going on. I want to get over to your site…I saw you had audio on there and I haven’t had a chance to listen.
      Oh, and, heck yes!!! I gave it to myself. I mean, the awesome ladies who passed this on to me, I am sure they would heartily partake of said chocolate with me haha


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