M.O.: if it sounds right, it must be (or, there’s always room for grace)

These rules baffle me,

makes grammar seem so grammar-

ly, while habitat


poetic should not

be stoic-ly honed, watch me

analysing some


prosetry there with

crossed toes, and spaces filling

not where they should be.


I’d rather splash ’round

before diving into this

language embrace of,


of finest syntax

enveloping me, bathing



your words of divine

crafting, filing pieces of

your soul. Absorbing,


inspired, what I am

trying to say, is that my

heart has grateful eyes.


43 thoughts on “M.O.: if it sounds right, it must be (or, there’s always room for grace)

    1. And you are too kind! ❀
      Whenever anyone starts talking about words and whatnot that should not be split, and throw grammar technicalities around in front of me, all I am hearing are atoms splitting πŸ™‚
      I have a story about this but I will email it

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  1. Nice thought provoking poetry Vanessa. I like the twists and turns, rather like trying to understand rules of grammar etc. I like it when writers / poets take the rules and shake them a bit. Echoes of e e cummings in this πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi, thank you! I like experimenting with word order etc, the impact can be so different with something so simple, I think the whole thing is interesting in light of the fact that the “rules” are so different between languages as well.
      And my eyes literally glaze over when it gets technical lol.


      1. I been floating around Vanessa, so much going on in my life and the busy days help carry me forward. Blogging has suffered tremendously, I am hoping to catch up one of these days. How have you been sweet lady?

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        1. Well I hope you are not being too overwhelmed Gina? But if it is helping?
          I am doing okay, thanks. Not great for a time, my back issues were getting the better of me, but things have been better lately, so I am obviously really pleased about that. Also, autumn is my favourite time of year, so that helps a lot!

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          1. oh back problems can be so tedious i hope you are getting it looked at and doing some strengthening exercises? good to hear that you are on the mend Vanessa.

            i been busy which is always good, with work and the managing the kids, also went on a trip, se

            oh Autumn is my favourite time too next to winter and snow, i experienced some very dry autumns in Auckland and love the last roses of the season, they have a certain fragility that’s so endearing.


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