I can’t find the font

my mind is speaking in. And

then the magpie sang.

48 thoughts on “ineffable

    1. I so love the magpie song, and it busted out yesterday at a very unusual time, when I was pondering some complex things, and it is always so weighted with inexpressible depth, imho. So it was the first word that came to mind.
      I do remember reading that now you have mentioned it! I am sure it was amazing. Yes, please send it.

      Aww, thank you πŸ™‚


    1. My goodness, that video is incredible. Thank you for sharing it.
      I was talking with an aboriginal friend recently, I told him how we only found out a few years ago that the original treaty from the King of England commanded that no land be forcibly taken from the aborigines, and any exchange had to be mutually agreed upon and the original owners appropriately compensated. But the local authorities etc ignored it, and they are still trying to get the government to recognize it! So tragic!

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      1. Yes, it’s been one of the human tragedies of the world, and Xavier Rudd’s music is very important in representing these shocking facts. If you haven’t heard much of his music, this LP album titled Spirit Bird, I thoroughly recommend xx

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        1. It is so sad. We never learned that at school, about the original treaty I mean. There are too many things that are twisted or left out.
          One of the members of our church, her sister is married to an aboriginal artist who has a beautiful book published. He grew up on the Lutheran mission in Queensland, oh my goodness, the crazy things that happened during WW2. He is still alive and in his 80s!

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  1. These haiku are perfect! Completely different than any others I’ve read. I especially liked the idea of your mind speaking in a font. And now I am going to look up magpie.

    I just did! I also found a video of an Australian magpie singing. I’m listening right now – it makes me smile!

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    1. Hi! You are so kind!! Thank you!
      I adore their song. It’s what I got homesick for the most when we lived in Colorado. It’s multi-faceted and soulful, and it haunts me. And it sang for me the other night, very short snippet out of the blue. Quite strange. But timely!

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  2. I know exactly what you mean, Vanessa. Ha ha, no I don’t. 🐦 So I’m making it up. 🐦 I find both Klingon and bird fonts are hard to find (and I imagine Klingon bird fonts would be too). Anyway you can see them on the Internetβ€”Charlie Brown’s Woodstock is the standard bird font, which by coincidence is very much like my handwriting. 🐦Good work.🐦

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