conative dysfunction

My chest knocked again on its wall with a growling of deep hunger for sleep. But the words were reading themselves to me in a quiet urgency of a recognizable introvert. And as I jotted down some thoughts in response, I noticed that my handwriting changed with the pen I was using. Do handwriting experts take that into consideration? Do they even exist anymore? I had only written a paragraph and my muscles were already tired.

What about graffiti? Is it still a thing? I don’t mean art. I mean, senseless/tragic/manipulated violation of blank spaces. I mean, we have the internet now.


17 thoughts on “conative dysfunction

  1. Tiredness is a strange feeling, the mind becomes dull and the limbs go numb. I’ve experienced so many forms of “tired”, but I’m not going to bore you with all those stories, we’d be here ’til Easter, (next year’s Easter ie)… Hope you’re going ok Vanessa… Cheers…

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    1. Sigh, I understand. I’ve never been a good sleeper. And i had good intentions to go to bed but i got distracted, but it’s not worth it!
      I’m okay, thanks Ivor! Working on some things 😊 as we all do. Hope you’re well?!

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  2. There is so much in this short and excellent piece Vanessa. The last sentence takes you back to the top and you get that spiraling feeling the lack of sleep brings. Hope all is ok. (as promised, you are centre stage on Thursday πŸ™‚ )

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    1. Thank you. It intrigues me and a few different words were in my mind. Out of the blue i started wondering if, kids being glued to all manner of things on their phones, made a difference to the collective psyche about filling certain spaces. The way spaces are filled and exploited on the internet too. The way we see the spaces in the first place etc. But I didn’t feel like elaborating when I wrote this 😁

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  3. Delirium is where it’s at. That’s how I fill those blank spaces. I try not hand write anything anymore since I can only jot things down in hieroglyphics, the final form of chicken scratch.

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    1. haha yes. delirium is relatable! and i definitely think parts of the internet is (non art) graffiti.
      i used to do so much handwriting back in the old days 😳 it’s crazy how foreign and difficult it’s become!

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