watch me walk, sometimes running, sometimes skipping, probably some tripping…


I typed my thought in

to the search bar of my mind

and lo! it timed out!


My brother and I were discussing the Beatles, and I reminded him that in an interview, Paul McCartney was asked what it was like to be the best song writer in the world. He said something like, “I don’t know, ask Neil Finn!” Thus began another CH listening spree.

This song was, firstly, a Split Enz song, (1984) appropriately recorded at the end of their life as a band. Then CH re recorded it at the beginning of its life. It was a big deal (the dissolving of Split Enz) for Australia and New Zealand.

This Easter has been a time of new beginnings for my brother and me. Can you hear me smiling? And, as much as many talk about walking away from toxic relationships, or people we just don’t like, or maybe, we are just spoilt and things aren’t going the way we think they should, for me, this is about walking away from the terrible thought patterns I had developed over the years. I honestly can’t think of anyone I want to walk away from. I would much rather walk away from the bad way I have handled some things.
Here’s to new beginnings. And to wiser loving. Of others, and myself.



23 thoughts on “watch me walk, sometimes running, sometimes skipping, probably some tripping…

  1. Such memories evoked from the good old days when out family dynamics were evolving (to a CH soundtrack) and we were all so hopeful with high expectations as well. I’m happy for your rekindling sweet lady ❤️

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  2. First: Crowded House, Neil Finn, Split Enz… the best of the best. I remember Split Enz performing on America’s Solid Gold as a kid, I Got You (I presume… they were not huge in the States) and was mesmerized. Then I caught CH on TV and was mesmerized… I was hooked. Best band ever (even better than The National!)

    Second, and more important, a powerful post, Vanessa. We all bear our responsibilities for how relationships fail, none fail because of one person, but we gotta own our part. Owning it opens the door to forgiveness. Or owning it allows us to walk away from the toxic things that eat us up.

    Wonderful, wonderful post. Thank you.

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    1. Holy cow, I remember Solid Gold!!
      That’s just a few years ago now 🙂
      I remember Spilt Enz on the radio and video shows. I remember my little heart loving ‘I Hope I Never’ and a few others. That’s so cool you knew them.
      Thank you, Steve! 🌸

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