those middle paragraphs

Rushing to the coat check, she was trying hard not to obsess over him not believing something she had said in the car. He had said it was absurd.
It was making the skin on her arm itch.
Irony did that. Well, in particular contexts. She wasn’t sure what this was.

She had felt so warm while they were driving and had wondered if she were overdressed. But then, he was the one who was filling the car with decorated axioms, making sure to remind her how insightful he was.  She had cringed wearily, then chuckled at the awful jokes forming in her mind – she started thinking she didn’t need her wisdom teeth when she digested his words, only her incisors. She could try to be environmentally friendly, she supposed, and recycle all of this packaging, but it wasn’t even pretty.

And now he appeared with two effervescent glasses, as her arm started to bleed.
She was allergic to champagne, she had told him in the car


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          haha no arguing here. it’s a middle paragraph afterall.
          definitely no more champagne. for her. what a terrible affliction when I think about it 🙂
          sweet dreams right back xo


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    A thing I love about prose like this is the many ways it can be applied to person, life and experiences. I love love love writing it and I love just as many times reading it. It gives me feelings of a variety.
    It catches me off guard when people ask me if my prose pieces are about me and I struggle a bit with the answer.
    I think the best most accurate response is that they’re from me. And leave it at that

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      Yes it is interesting, all of everything involved. I would say I love writing fiction, using imagination, I love to try and recapture the delight I felt as a child making up stories. So no, this story isn’t about me, literally. It was a story that just formed when I thought of a ridiculous exchange I witnessed online – someone pointing out really obvious things, thinking they were insightful and profound…haha speaking for myself, I hopefully know when I am being Captain Obvious and make no attempts to hide it LOL.

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    All very real, Vanessa, from the fangs to the blood. Being ignored, yes, and certain things that people say, doesn’t really matter whether it’s you, me or whoever. I have been chopped off at the knees professionally (you know what I mean) being told that what I’ve said is obvious. Once when I was a student, an important visitor came to see my experiment (to separate uranium isotopes with a completely new approach). I explained the plan in glowing detail and his reply was, “Well if you know what it’s going to do, why are you doing it?” I was heartbroken. Mind you, the me now, (ruder if not wiser) would have responded in a way that I can’t write here.

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        More crushed than annoyed, Vanessa. As you say, a ridiculous comment. A lot later, I knew that his motivation had nothing to do with me, it was about competition between institutions. Insignificant compared to some of the things that happen in academia, which I could write a depressing book about.

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