Tootsies and anti tribalism

I’m sorry, I can’t read

your long soliloquy

And I know this wants to rhyme


But it shouldn’t.
Maybe sometimes.


Because now my mind is

going through the racks

of the vintage store I loved, years ago.

Sparkly and kitsch

eclipsed by the pitch

black of memories in coat pockets

and the spark in eye sockets

as they held my joyous orbs

of sight.


(It took time and care

to find the gems there.)


There are many ‘clever’ souls

refining our fright,

our ear muffs on tight

as we step back in night

with our swords drawn.


But in this tiny blog space

there can be only one

tribe, that is.

If any at all.


And in case you were wondering,

it’s the human one.

I wish Tootsies still existed.
The craftsmanship was something to behold, and enjoy, and get lost in
(of varied conversations, I mean.
The clothes were rather beautiful, too).



15 thoughts on “Tootsies and anti tribalism

  1. Vanessa,

    These lines:

    “Sparkly and kitsch
    eclipsed by the pitch
    black of memories in coat pockets
    and the spark in eye sockets
    as they held my joyous orbs
    of sight.”

    are amazing! The whole poem and its message, thinking back on simpler times, wanting to muffle out the noise in the current, and recognizing that there is only one tribe, the human tribe, is so powerful. Really beautiful poem and so necessary for today.

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    • Wow, thanks Steve, you are generous!
      I miss those times of scintillating conversation, where my friends and i didn’t always agree, but we were still friends! Or even with strangers!

      And how is racism still a thing as well? There’s no such thing as different races. I really think it’s bizarre people talk like that.

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      • Totally agree. This is a strange time, but I also have my suspicions about what is at play, what is at stake. Those who want power are playing a game with the worst of our human traits and we are buying it. It is a shame and will be tragic unless we can find our way back to a more fundamentally spiritual view of the world that is connected to some form of higher power.

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  2. Reblogged this on Go Dog Go CafΓ© and commented:
    I want to take the time to share a beautiful poem from an old GDG Friend, Vanessa at Say No To Clowns. This poem hits me in a powerful way, she speaks about the importance of the one tribe that matters, the human tribe. A powerful message for our age and one that gets to the heart of the GDG – community, inclusion, love.

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