Nigel, from Voices of a Hidden Self, has done a lovely thing of reading a few poems, including a couple of mine, to honour the contribution to the poetry world by women poets. I love how he does his readings, and feel moved to be a part of this beautiful post (with a dignified giggle at the end).


My dear friends, I have today for your delectation something rather special. It struck me how many wonderful, famous and celebrated poets are women compared to say artists in the world of painting.

This is something I’ve also noticed within our own circle, and so I feel both honoured & privileged to have been given permission by the following poets to recite their work. Below is just a small sample of the amazing art to be found and enjoyed.

If you’ve a favourite piece you’d like read I’m always looking to expand my ‘Alchemists of word’ section. Don’t be shy or humble for I’m not a critic or academic, just someone who loves the written word.


Ashes Ashes – by Viktoria

The dimming cinders of my spirit

Lay glowing feebly in the night

The smoke escaped my every merit

The arsonist: life’s pain and…

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      I love his reading. I have found it to be harder than I thought, but he makes it sound effortless!
      Thanks for reading/listening and commenting Dennis 🥂

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        1. Reply

          Thank you so much.
          And I agree. I’ve heard readings with music that just ended up sounding corny. He absolutely nails it. It’s truly moved me to hear all of them.

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    1. Reply

      Hi! I’m so glad!
      I’m so moved by it all.
      Plus, I wanted more people to hear Nigel’s wonderful work too.
      And being introduced to Viktoria, who i didn’t know before.

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    Hooray for Sir Nigel, and for you, for that matter! Sweet souls that spread kind warmth online and wonderful blogs (that I’m so behind on reading because … tropical vacation yay!

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    1. Reply

      haha yes, I second the hooray for Nigel and those lovely writers!!
      And hooray for your holiday. Can’t wait to see pics!! 😍


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