He wanted to insert the right words, but they were deftly eluding him, and he was weary of the chase. So he started tracing the outline of the knots of his depletion. They were particularly prominent this time.

He knew he was full of them and it would take time and effort to untie them, or rather, to hydrate them again to loosening.  He wondered long and hard about it, as he tried instead, to un-knot your words.

I mean, the ones in your silence.





    1. Thanks Raili.
      Silence is powerful. And not always in good ways, unfortunately.
      But I agree, after reading your post, that our culture needs more of it. I’ve learned to appreciate being married to someone i can be silent with.

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  1. I’m sympathetic, loops we can’t loosen or unravel. I know people with lots and lots of knots. There is always Quipu, the Inca language of knots, which I am fluent in. Ha ha, no I’m not, but at least I changed the subject. 😸 Enjoyed this piece, Vanessa.

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  2. ohh, how beautiful and yet so sad and yet perhaps so wrong? How can we know? We never know until we convince our hearts with reality, with the person we long for. Silence says so much, because it says everything possible, because only those who are silent know what they want to say. Silence means exhaustion, helplessness, sadness, anger, fear, anticipation, kindness … oh the list is endless … until silence means death, end and we’ll never know!


    1. Thanks Anie.
      Yes, there are many reasons for it, the implication in this piece that both parties were wearied, for all kinds of reasons, for anything your imagination wants to come up with. 🙂 It isn’t necessarily a romantic relationship.

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      1. Oh yes, I can imagine a lot! I wonder if it is possible to untie such knots alone? We can imagine a lot, but solutions or a new understanding is only given in a synthesis in communication, or? Oh I think romantic relationships are at the same time the most cruel ones. The higher you fly, the deeper you fall or the deeper you stick in the dirt the higher you can rise. There is dialectic also in relationships, always!

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        1. Yes, I think we can untie them alone. It takes time, forgiveness, acceptance and letting go when there is an impasse, finding healthier situations and ways to rehydrate. And in this story, I think he needs to stop torturing himself trying to unknot things he can’t unknot, when he could be untying his own.

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            1. I enjoy writing short snippets so the story can grow in the reader’s mind as well. That’s so much of the fun of it, I think. To not always give everything away. 🙂 You can take it any direction you wish.

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              1. Of course😁this is the fun in writing and reading. To give only so much that there is still enough place for the own interpretation. And you are really good in practicing this. My stories normally have happy endings, but it is sometimes difficult to find the positiv vibes in some stories…


  3. Another great piece Vanessa with much meaning in few words. Silence is a rare commodity these days and when you encounter it is can be a strange and scary experience. It takes some time to adjust to it.

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    1. Hi Davy! Thank you!
      Yes it can be strange and scary, and when it involves small children, it most definitely is haha (that is totally irrelevant, but it amazes me every time, how suspenseful the atmosphere gets when children are suddenly quiet lol).
      It can be oh so good, and oh so bad!

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