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He studied her blanks, his heart a magnifying glass as he carefully copied out each jot that filled the lens. He often sat back, in surprise and wonder, sometimes awe, sometimes astonishment. Sometimes, sadness, that could not be expressed in any current language, he mourned.

He didn’t have enough colours. But the poetry, brought him to his knees.

24 thoughts on “modicum

  1. I love it, the ending especially.

    It reminded me of thing I did in my freshman year of high school, art class. We took a photo and had to recreate the photo with dots. I believe we used social pens and shadings were, of course, more dotted and the lighter it was less dots etc. it wasn’t my favorite thing and I’m not artistic but it turned our beautifully. Mine was of a small girl with an umbrella 🙂

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    • Hi! Thank you for your thoughts, I always love reading them.
      Hmm I think that’s me quite a lot actually. At least recently.
      Life’s hit an unexpected rough spot, so I’m not reading everything I want to right now. I’m sorry I haven’t visited lately. 🌸 But it will be temporary, I’m sure.
      Hope everything’s well with you?

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  2. Vanesssss* (for that is what Rachel’s called you and is decreed to be your name henceforth) I’m reading Raymond Carver poems these days. I was going through your blog, searching for the Gina clip, when I came across this. I’d not read this before.

    I’ll tell you what. In the context of writing being about empathy, you have, in this piece captured a very universal thing and made it your own, and I love it. No one has enough colors, like, ever, but this piece was all shades of feels. Thank you 🙂

    PS–that Raymond Carver thing wasn’t in connection to anything that I said. I was literally just bragging needlessly.

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