I think it goes something like this

Erroneous Choices nominated me a little while ago for a Recognition award, and I completely missed it. I’m sorry dear friend. I’m so on another planet right now. And I’m constantly amazed by, and grateful for your recognition. Thank you!

It also reminded me I had forgotten that she and Wednesday’s Child had nominated me a while ago for something else as well. I’m so sorry, and to you Patti, as I’ve forgotten your questions etc. And thank you so much, I genuinely feel unworthy of such things. Forgive me as I take a short moment to ramble instead.

I think this award, like many, is meant for newcomers, and I ain’t one. So I’m just going to thank you all, newbies and oldies, and somewhere in the middle-ies, for your support, encouragement and good times. And to EC for the nomination. I cherish our friendship. And your writing talent is truly something to behold.

There are a number of people I’d love to reshare and reblog and nominate etc,  but I do try to keep my blog somewhat G-rated. So that eliminates most people I had in mind hehe but please know, if I spend time on your blog, it’s because I sincerely admire your work. And I feel blessed our paths have crossed.

For those of you who come here regularly, to light up my life, thank you so much. (You know who you are and I’d burst out in song for you but we’re in a hotel right now, and the neighbour might not like it…I mean, love thy neighbour people. And my closest neighbour is my husband and I’m telling you, he might not like it. He’s trying to sleep.) But I am constantly bedazzled to be in such company. As a friend of my husband’s used to say, “I feel like a deer with head lice”.

I think I am also meant to offer some blogging advice. But I can’t even write that without laughing. Nope. No advice here. Well, unless you want to know helpful things like, how to annoy your spouse.

Just for fun I asked said spouse if he had any advice, and he said, “Don’t be losers!

I mean that in a nice way.”

Haha I’m not sure what’s happening, so I’m going to end this right here with these grateful cyber hugging jazz hands 🤗



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    I never understood the awards before. This tenth time around WordPress I think I have a better grasp of what they can possibly be. What they have the potential to be.

    I do know, the awards aren’t solely for newcomers.

    They are ways to highlight notify bloggers of other bloggers, networking. (Duh, EC)

    But they are also encouraging, appreciative and supportive of other bloggers. They establish openings into places and to people we might not have found before. From the old blogger to the new. The awards that appear to have no use, to be annoying, cumbersome can be the opposite.

    I nearly always include you not because I think you need eye traffic on your blog but because I think people need to know you, your person. ❤️

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    1. Reply

      I think our thought process has been similar. (I think maybe the word “award” threw me in the beginning, it seemed such a misnomer, and got my cheese alarms ringing hehe)

      And gosh darn, thank you for your lovely thoughts and comment. xxoo

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