knitting season


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the air has turned cold.
my thoughts turning, unfold
and you turn,

as I’m tugging
on the ontological thread
that glistens in the tread
of your psyche.

the air has turned night
and this thread
warms me alive.


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24 thoughts on “knitting season

    1. Yes, all of those things Anie. I am glad if you felt it 🙂
      I was a bit more pensive than usual yesterday after church, in a good way, for a number of reasons.
      I am very grateful my husband and I are on the same page spiritually. This came from that place.

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  1. It is a wonderful feeling Vanessa when you can pick this feeling from the thoughts of another, especially someone you are close to. Sometimes the trigger can come from the simplest word and the impact is as you use in your beautiful line, warms me alive.
    Your wonderful poem has set a good path for the week. Thank you.

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        1. Has it? Well I am glad if you are feeling like things are settling down? Hope things are well!

          We are okay, thanks. We are meeting with the head surgeon on Wed to discuss what is next for Darrin, but we are so happy things aren’t urgent. Very relieved. But he will still have some big, preventative decisions to make.

          Could be a lot worse!

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