by your side

It is July 4th today. Well, it’s almost over. It was July 4th today. And in honour of the day, for the sake of my American husband, I ate a brownie earlier. Being the natural health girl I am, it was a gluten, dairy and sugar free brownie. And by jove, if it was not delicious. Yep. Not delicious. BUT, after I had lathered it in maple syrup and fresh cream, it was heavenly. While downing it with a delicious coffee. Also filled with cream.

I had a long rant in mind on behalf of my friend, who is my naturopath. He has helped to keep my sanity over the last decade, and most recently, remarkably improved the chronic pain in my back that was tearing my mind apart. And now he is in trouble with “family services” for daring to treat his unwell son at home, instead of in hospital. They tried that a year ago, and the treatments in hospital made him sicker. His treatment at home made him well. Now his son has relapsed, and a very “helpful” person has reported him. Long story short, the whole situation is disgusting. And frightening.

My spirit is tired. For a lot of reasons. And I decided I don’t want to rant. Maybe another day. But in honour of freedom, and the loving kindness of my friend, who is generous to a fault, and who has saved me from being trapped on a pharmaceutical treadmill and in an awful “health system”, I thought I would repost the best version of this beautiful song.

Here’s to bucking a corrupt system, and to precious friendships ❀




20 thoughts on “by your side

      1. I liked that comment. But I don’t want you to say less!
        However I understand it entirely. I want to say nothing at all right now.
        But I also want to say everything.
        Go figure,
        I’m a woman πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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  1. That’s so sad about your dear friend and his son, and I know of the frustrations. I won’t rant about my battles with various authorities… And yes the 4th has been and gone, and I didn’t sing their song, I wrote them a poem, “let us not be silent” for too long. 😊 xx

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    1. Hi Ivor! Yes it is. And I am so sorry to hear you have had trouble as well!
      I did read and like your lovely poem, I just didn’t have time then to leave a comment. And you know, I love Nick Cave πŸ™‚
      Thanks for your thoughts Ivor xo


      1. My troubles were a while ago now, and I had to go to front a social health panel and plead my case to keep my wife at home, they said she getting too unwell to look after at home, I eventually won, but they were awful times for me, something I still have nightmares about, the personal stress was gut-wrenching and unbearable πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

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        1. Oh Ivor, my great respect for you just increased even more! I so admire you for going through that, and persisting! And how grateful your dear wife must have been. I’m sure it must have been a nightmare! You are more than welcome to vent to me any time about all of that if you wish. I’m sorry you still have nightmares about it 😒
          Lots of love from here πŸ€—πŸŒΈ

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          1. I suppose I vent and rant in my poems. But I’ve not written about that event yet, I’ve tried, but to no avail, I cried too much, and couldn’t write, maybe one day. Thank you for your kind thoughts, yours generous words mean a lot to me.

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      1. Yum! The mere mention makes me want to rush to the fridge and take unrestrained child gulps of the stuff. Such a sublime flavour … so deprived growing up in Australia without it hehe 😘

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