say no to clowns

through her mind’s thesaurus

she searched for other words for her wrists, singed

her edges smouldering, smoke fringed

internal edges, that is.

Scrambling through the messages in his eyes

he finds the one he wants to send her, hopefully

she’ll read it without doubt, earnestly

not doubting him, that is.

The other he, she should be doubting

he holds that glass, sun’s rays re routing

to warm her, that is

what he’s always told her…

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      Hi!! Thank you! 💚
      Miss you too. How are you going these days?
      (Real life here is doing better, just not blogging as much. Obviousl 🙄 🤓Will hopefully have more of a chance next week.)

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        1. Reply

          Some family issues, it hasn’t been the best day. But we’re okay, thanks.
          My naturopath has helped some health stuff, so I am grateful for that!
          How’s your health?

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    Nicely kaleidoscopic Vanessa. (A comma? seems fine to me. 🙂) Who can we trust? For some reason, I was reminded of working with infrared laser optics, invisible beams that burn you suddenly in unexpected places. (Note: not a metaphor.)

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        1. Reply

          That’s a big topic isn’t? Ugh, this last year has been quite full of such experiences for me. (Some “lessons” I personally don’t think I needed!😝🤡🚫)

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