Sad News

My goodness, what a sad loss to the WP community.
How truly blessed, to have crossed cyber paths with such a wonderful person. RIP 🌸

Poesy plus Polemics

It is with deep regret that I to have to announce the sudden passing of my father Paul Lenzi.Β  He was the cornerstone of our family and will be missed dearly.

He began this blog as a creative outlet and as a way of sharing his poetry. He never imagined it would develop such a large following, and the overwhelming support he received from this community touched him deeply.Β  On behalf of our entire family, thank you.

We are proud of the legacy of words he left behind.

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30 thoughts on “Sad News

  1. Cyranny says:

    I didn’t “follow” Paul’s blog, but I remember seeing his name often in other people’s comment boxes…. Always sad to learn about the loss of a fellow blogger… May he rest in peace. So sad for his family and friends 😦 😦 😦

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    1. saynotoclowns says:

      That doesn’t surprise me. He was amazing with his support. And you are fantastic with words! I think the first poem I ever reblogged was one of his. I wasn’t expecting such stunning talent when I first started. wow, what a ride WP is! But there will surely forever be a Paul sized hole! Truly one of a kind.

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  2. ilovecloudstoo says:

    proudly and effortlessly
    he walks to the heavens
    on a golden staircase
    created of his words

    to walk and feel as light as a feather
    for every step is of his making
    he leaves behind not a black hole of worthlessness
    he leaves behind the greatest of gifts
    his heart, his thoughts, his wonder

    never will he leave completely
    for he has built a staircase
    of himself, of his inner soul, of his aspirations
    he has gifted all of us that did not know him

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      1. says:

        I’m okay. Recently, resigned from this job I had. It was very toxic environment, 3 men picked on me a lot and made it impossible for me to work there. I went into a nervous breakdown and felt very angry and thought my heart was going to give out. Luckily, I thought about my girlfriend & family. I can’t leave earth yet. Healthy comes first. I’ll find a better job a good one.

        It’s very devastating to hear about the loss of a great and brilliant poet. My heart dropped and I cried yesterday. 😦


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