This is so very beautiful. If you have the time, watch the gorgeously crafted video.



The following poem is about true love, a love that is both complete and all consuming, a love that those who know of it must surely be blessed. It is therefore not about a specific woman but is from my own experience, the words are how I describe this wonder.

The first verse is I feel self-explanatory. The following two verses I would like to explain for anyone who may be interested. The second verse is about how lovers become totally absorbed by the emotional, psychological and physical union they find themselves in, to the point that the rest of the world is superfluous. It is a solitude of utter peace and contentment, a comfort, a completeness that comes from knowing all about a person and accepting them in their entirety.

The second verse conveys the randomness, the chance, the confluence of paths and that sudden moment that all…

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