Quote challenge

Such an apt name for someone like me who is hopeless at remembering names and references! So this is quite a challenge! But I am honoured that this has come from someone I have grown to love as a dear friend, (not just as a phenomenal writing talent).

The wonder of WP, our lives are so different, but our connection is something I truly cherish, Erroneous Choices.

Today we had the funeral of a beloved church member. It has been a very moving day. I am honoured to have known this person. People travelled from far and wide to be there, from missions and aboriginal communities, and diverse groups of people came together. And once again, my talented husband with his poet heart, who is getting better with age and wisdom, 😀 led a beautiful service, and gave a heart wrenching sermon that many people thanked him profusely for afterwards.

It also reminded me of someone I am thankful for, whose wise words helped a very young, newly wed, immigrant-from-Australia-to-the-US, pastor’s wife, about twenty years ago. So my first quote is going to be from someone I know. Someone who did a lot of amazing work in Africa, helping in clinics and orphanages.
This was just before a large funeral at our church in Colorado, but we had been talking a little and she knew I was shy. She gave me some advice she meant for me to use in my whole life, not just in that scenario.  She said something like,

“Vanessa, don’t be scared. There will be a lot of people who will want to meet you. A lot of people who will want to meet you, but who don’t want to know you. But you need to understand, that everyone is as scared as each other. So don’t be afraid. You are no less than anyone else in that room. Just be yourself.”

So I pass that on to you, beloved friend. And anyone else who needs to read and/or just be reminded of it.  ❤

(There was some music I was going to add but now I can’t think of it. I mentioned this to my husband and he suggested,
hahahahaha I hate Meatheadloaf. But I guess there is a quote I could use that definitely applied to certain situations,

“I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that” –
no I won’t do……………just because I am a pastor’s wife. Sorry, wrong clown, wrong circus, people. (I say that lovingly).


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            Very Dead, but I’m lucky to have a very clever younger brother, and he seems to think he’ll be able to retrieve most of my storage, something about the hard drive being in good order…..

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